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[Question] 4-set bonus vs Higher iLvl

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Hi Guys,


Currently I'm using demonology with 4-set bonus (2-685ilvl and 2-670ilvl)


But I have some mythic non-tier items, so I was wondering, if it will be better to drop the two tier pieces for the higher item level items?


Shadow Council's Hood (670) for M WF Vilebreath Mask (691)




Socket Shadow Council's Robes(670) for Mythic Woundsear Robes (700)



Probably the 4-set bonus will be better in fights like operator or maidens, but in general which is the better combination?
Thanks in advance!.
I saw a post here asking how much the 4-set bonus is worth, but it really did not helped me to choose. 
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For single target the higher ilvl pieces likely win out, but you should still run a quick sim to see. If the difference is negligible then the 4pc can likely swing higher DPS with favourable RNG, but again it's best to run a quick sim even if it's not the most accurate reading.


For multi target, 4pc likely trumps.

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