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Help our ele shaman

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I'm at school so i can't look at logs in depth right now but just by glancing at his armory his character is a mess. He doesn't have 4-piece (not his fault) but he has a +35 gem in his pants, he needs a better trinket (blackhand but if can't get oregorger), doesn't even have his legendary ring, not even the first part and the ring he's using in its place isn't even enchanted. His weapon needs to have Frostwolf rather than warsong enchant. Talent wise its dependent on fight but he shouldn't be using Elemental Blast since it's currently just not as strong as the other 2. Most multitarget fights, including short single target fights, cater towards Primal Elementalist. Glyphs aren't as important but there are way better ones he could be running such as glyph of flame shock for healing or glyph of lightning shield for damage reduction. On his recent activities it says he just killed kromog in which case he should be running the talent echo for hand damage and glyph of chain lightning since it increases the targets it can hit by 2 (once again for hands). This is just what I noticed from his character sheet that could be improved, hope this helps!

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First off, he should have the Mark of Frostwolf enchant on his weapon.


Swap out Elemental Mastery for Echo of the Elements (for sustained DPS).

Swap out Elemental Blast for Unleashed Fury.

Swap out Liquid Magma for Elemental Fusion for single target fights, keep Liquid for AoE fights.


Swap Glyph of Thunder for Glyph of Fire Elemental.


Rotation should be:

Unleash Flame -> Flame Shock -> Lava Burt - Lava Burst -> Lighting Bolt Spam until 17 charges of Lighting Shield -> Earth Shock 

- Always remember Unleash Flame before any fire spell on cooldown and Lava Burst on cooldown/Proc.

- Refresh Flame Shock when it has less then 9 seconds left.


Also tell him to grab Bitten's Spell Flash, with the Shaman Plug-In  or Elementarist, until he learns the rotation.

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Tell him to get Hekili off of curse, that will completely take care of his rotation. His damage will go up significantly once his gear stops being awful. He needs the first Micro Crucible that drops, he needs to do his legendary chain, he needs to replace the pieces with versatility. He needs a set of gear that he focuses on Mastery over Multistrike for AoE fights.



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