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Enhance looking for help

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Hello all!  I'm looking for some help with my enhancement shaman.  I've been playing the class since Wrath, so I feel I have a firm grasp on things, but I'm also thinking that feeling is holding me back.  I can't give specific comparisons, but looking at performance of others on Warcraft Logs, I see people at my gear level outpacing me.


My armory



Logs.(please pay no attention to the Bladefist wipes, I forgot I was logging for that).


Two things I know are bad, a lot of the time I didn't use a second pot and I have issues with my pre-pull abilities.


I don't want to hold my raid back as they head into Mythic, so I would greatly appreciate any help anyone could give.


Thanks for your time.

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Have tried to look a bit on our gear and it seems fine doing the right things going after haste, but our 670 ring could use an upgrade if you cant go into Highmaul and kill butcher mythic for the ring then its a good idea to get the crafted 1 since it can also be used in the next tier due to upgrading it.


Talent wise it seems you using the UF+EF combo a lot even on big aoe fights like Beastlord and Thogar where PE+LM is better due to all the splash damage LM is doing also hurts the boss. I dont know if you use glyph of Frost Shock but on single target fights it is a damage increase.

I self using PE+SE since it good for single target.

For our 2nd pot try and macro it into Ascendance and you will never miss it again, and with our pre-pull I don't know how you do but this is how I do + opener: 5 sec before pull using UE, placing ST, 1 sec before pull using pot, then at pull using Frost shock to open for the procs and then using SE/FE with LM, Feral Spirit, Ascendance, Flame Shock, 2x windstrike, 2x LL and from there just rotation, also on fights where hero/lust/TW is popped from the beginning it need to be up before any elementals and Feral spirits since they pendent on the users haste.


If our guild soon are going into mythic so for Beastlord is LM so strong, hans´gar and franzok LM is also great since they jump a lot more on mythic and same with Flamebender since there will be 4 fire wolfs up so the splash damage is great there. 

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