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Holy Pally Mythic Oregorger

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Hello guys, I'm looking for a little help on Mythic Oregorger. I feel as if I could pull much better. I tried a few different means of healing on that fight. One was prioritizing Eternal Flames, and the other was casting Light of Dawn when I could before Acid Torrent while EF was on the tanks.  Below are a few links. The first few attempts we 6 healed. Which was terrible but after we started 5 healing. It may be worth mentioning I still dont have the ring that procs.. That may be hurting me a tid bit too.


My Armory




Intellect: 4419

Crit: 20.34%

Haste: 23.62%(All my crated gear is Crit Haste, would it be worth it to change the 3 pieces of gear to Mastery for more illuminated healing?)

Mastery: 17.43%


Logs of Wipes




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AW more often. Also you coud try use Sanctified Wrath and Unglyped AW and "steal" heal from others. Or tell your healer party when you use your AW and let them regen mana. With unglyped talanted AW you coud Shock+HolyRadiance+HolyPrism at least 2 AcidAoE solo.


Personaly i do not use LoD for AoE, couse for most cases it will be weaker than EF(only 15% transfered to beacons and not always hit max targets or overheal ppl). I cast it only with tier-bonus proc, so it free and coud give me EF proc. Try EF ppl before fight starts and EF as many ppl as you can in fight.


For oregore you shoud prefer heal range camp, couse they recive most dmg, for mele enough holy prism.


And you have 5 healers, its rly hard heal smth there, couse 2 monks+rsham+rdru coud heal through their cd. But if you time your AW and press it when they do not have healing cd - your hps will be higher. Again - unblyphed and talanted AW for this fight coud be better if you coud time it well.

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Well the only thing I can think of will require a bit of daring but will make you an 'invaluable member of your team' smile.png. Your raid is taking something like 50% of it's damage from acid torrent and there are about 15 casts of it going out during your fights. Remember that the damage the rest of the raid takes is based on the mitigation the tank has up when they start the acid torrent.   If you clemency and hop twice every 5 minutes (working with a tank so that they know to taunt right after) you'll get up to 4 extra mitigations in a 6 minute fight from that alone. Also, you really ought to Sac much more than you do. Only 1 or 2 per fight. If you clemency, you can get an extra 30% mitigation on 6 extra acid torrents.  If you hop, the tanks will be able to save their cooldowns to stack them up for more cooldowns on other breaths.  You can get something like 10 extra damage mitigations out of the 15 casts and the tanks own abilities will make up the rest and they can double them up more for extra damage mitigation.  I have to admit that on heroic mode, I've never done the hop/taunt method but I'm going to start trying it just to practice for mythic. 


But practice, practice practice! If tanks are going to swap on each breath regardless, just have it known that you'll hop a certain number and that they just need to taunt to keep the breath on them right after the HOP. By the time the taunt wears off, the torrent should be over and the other tank will take over anyway. You don't have to announce sacs but untalented, you should get 3 off regardless per 6 minute fight and that will be 30% less damage from 3 out of the 15 breaths. Talented, that's 6 sacs over a 6 minute fight.


If you try it, let us know how it went smile.png

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