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Newbie - Comment on arena deck

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Hiya guys,


I'm relatively new to HS, and as an avid drafter of M:TG, I absolute love The Arena. However, I've found it hard to consistently create good decks and get more than 3-4 wins, despite using guides and card rankings in addition to my budding competence. Usually, I've picked Mage as often as possible, as I've been told that the class is generally one of the best due to it's strong hero power and balanced set of cards.


This time, I wasn't presented with Mage as a choice, and as I just started playing a Warlock deck my friend helped me build, I chose Warlock. As I said, I find it hard to rate decks, but personally I feel this one came out really well due to the synergistic effects, strong early game removal/minions and a really solid late game.


So, what do you think of my deck? And, do you have any general tips or comments to help me out?


1 Abusive Sergeant

2 Darkbomb

2 Demonfire

1 Explosive Sheep

1 Knife Juggler

1 Mad Bomber

1 Acolyte of Pain

1 Harvest Golem

1 Questing Adventurer

1 Razorfen Hunter

1 Void Terror

1 Imp-losion

1 Defender of Argus

1 Enhance-o Mechano

1 Gnomish Inventor

1 Spellbreaker

3 Voidcaller

3 Floating Watcher

1 Boulderfist Ogre

2 Dread Infernal

1 Frost Elemental

1 Sunwalker

1 War Golem



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It would be better for you to post the 3s you were offered with and we would tell you if you made the right choices. With decklist alone it's impossible to tell you if you are going in the right direction. Judgin the list makes no sense, since it's just Aren, play it and you'll know if it's good or notsmile.png

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