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Holy Stat Priority

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I'm at the point where I'm looking at slight upgrades away from what I thought was BiS to what's actually BiS. I followed Icy Veins's priority of:


Int > Crit > Haste > Multistrike > Versatility > Mastery > Spirit.


Spirit has always been useless to me this entire expansion, so it was dead last for me.


Looking at the top 3 holy pallies on mythic BH, I noticed that they generally have the following stat priority:


Int > Crit > Mastery > Spirit > Haste > Multistrike > Versatility.


Is that the correct way to gear, and is Icy Veins just THAT outdated by now? Also, I've also heard things like crit to 20% and spirit to 900 if using Divine Purpose.


Another thing, I've noticed that in 4p, about half of them use Sanctified Wrath instead of Divine Purpose.


What's actually BiS among all of this?

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First of all you shoud understand - not all time you can get gear what you want. For example - we share gear with warrior-dd as i know, couse they need crit too. So better gear DPS than Healer, and healer coud use what left. Again, as i know (correct me if i wrong) - in guilds with high progression they equip DPS first, and only than healers.


For HighMaul we go for crit-haste couse we want often HS procs and fast HolyLight cast - we had gear 630-680 and dont have enough crit/haste, also we didnt have 4p bonus. So we cant gear anything else couse itmlvl was low. You coud think of it like "we need crit/haste cap" and its near 20-25.


For BRF i feel 20/20/20(crit/haste/mastery)+some multistrike(good with crit) is good stats for now. With 4p bonus + DP we don't need lot of haste(20 enough), couse we often have procs - so you will be cast HS/EF/LoD very often, and this spells don't need high haste. Crit give us almost 100% crit chance with AW.  Mastery great for all fights - couse lot of boses hit you with smth every 15 sec (grull, oregore, furnance and other boses) and you can stack it easy with DP 4p bonus procs (EF on ~10 ppl, it will stack lot of shields and heal ppl).


About spirit - it's all up to you. Some guilds kill grull 3min, some guilds 5. If fight fast and noone get hit by abilities - you coud go full int, without spirit and SW talant.

For long fights you want more spirit - full spirit gear + trinket from darmak and DP talant.

Also for example there is fights where SW give you great heal bust - for example you coud heal all oregore dmg solo with talanted UNGLYPHED AW first 30-40 sec. Or you coud heal 2 Kromog AoE with SW talant.

For short fights you shoud prefer SW, and for long ones for most cases better DP. But again, if your raid have problems with healing some phase of boss(myph darmak last phase for example) you shoud try SW+AW+unglyph it, and use when your raid dying.

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Gearing's not an issue. I literally had everything I wanted except for Kromog's weapon and Beastlord Darmac's haste trinket. In the mean time, I'm using the the weapon from Hans and the haste trinket from Ko'ragh, while the Chew Toy has been sitting uselessly in my bags.


I've always shied away from spirit, because I don't go oom unless I'm trying to pad meters. I'm literally noticing no difference between Haste and Mastery or SW and DP. At this point, I'm just trying to min/max my overall HPS.

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I'm not sure what the right answer to your question is statistically speaking but my thinking on this is that haste increases your casts per fight while mastery increases the illuminated healing you do. They raise each at just about the same rate but basically with every point of mastery, a greater percentage of your heal goes into illuminated healing (used to be a flat 10% of the heal but now it's a percentage based on mastery).  So it depends somewhat on your situation. If your raid group tends to be full up on health most of the time, then extra haste will not do you as much good as mastery wherein you'll build a bigger percentage of overheals as illuminated healing which will then tick off when they take damage and voila, more hps!  BUT, if your raid is struggling to get through periods of high damage, well then haste is your big buddy.  Getting off one or two big holy radiance/holy shock, light of dawns in those periods is a lot better than cheesing the meters with our ridiculoverhealing ways.  


Btw, that's a direct answer to your specific question but my first instinct is that you're overthinking this a bit.  Secondary stat priority is nothing compared to timing cooldowns, mana management to use roughly 170% of your mana pool (2 lay on hands plus a channeled mana pot) plus holy power to down the boss with a drop of mana left and to not overheal eternal flame too badly and use them more on light of dawns and so forth than to worry about mastery over haste. If you are truly a master of all of those already, then I guess the answer above applies :).

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