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[Balance] burst & opener issues

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so i burst 80k single target, i should be 120k+. not sure if its opener or ??


(just looking at my burst)log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/1KAQPD2dzyLpg4kr#fight=18&type=damage-done&source=9


armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/skullcrusher/Gr%C3%ADzz/advanced


my opener


3 berserk - inc

2 pot

1 CA

.5 surge

0 moonfire

1 starfire etc


any help is much appreciated!

thanks in advance.

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That's quite wrong. You're losing precious CA time.

As far as I know correct opener is:

-3 Inc

-1.5 Potion + Starsurge (max range)

0 CA + berserk + usable trinkets + moonfire

then just 2x starfire, starsurge and repeat.

It's also viable to hardcast wrath before pull, but i prefer not to do that.

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Yep, your Opener is incorrect. Change to what Pinkis wrote.

Meanwhile, I also checked your Oregorger mythic log. .

You are way behind what you could do.

Yes of course it was your firstkill, but to be honest, nothing really new is being added at ore mythic compared to heroic, so you should be able to do at least 33-35k. So, here's the issues I found:


- Opener as already mentioned

- fightlenght 5:56 but only used CA 3 times. Use CA again when it comes off CD before the rolling phase starts or use it to Moonfire/Starfall spam the crates. Then use it again for the 3rd time together with Inc/pot/berserker and then again when it comes off CD (if Boss hasnt died yet ofc)

- keep casting it he roll-phase. Either on the crates or on Oregorger. Between 02:14 and 02:40 you did nothing

00:02:14.962 Grízz casts Moonkin Form

00:02:40.625 Grízz casts Moonfire on Oregorger

- Dont Use Berserker/Inc/CA/Pot all together the same moment. You wasting valuable buff time.

You did:

00:03:02.578 Grízz casts Berserking

00:03:02.578 Grízz casts Draenic Intellect Potion

00:03:02.626 Grízz casts Celestial Alignment

00:03:02.950 Grízz casts Incarnation: Chosen of Elune

00:03:04.505 Grízz begins casting Starfire

You should:

Inc -> wait the GCD of INC -> CA (including MF if neccessary) -> Berserking+Pot+Starsurge -> Starfire

- And use the 2nd INC/CA combination when entering Lunar, not shortly before when leaving. 50% of your INC-uptime you had been in Solar, because you used INC/CA shortly before leaving Lunar. But you want to be in Lunar when INC is up as long as possible

- Your 3rd CA you used in Solar. Nonono! Either you wait until you are back in Lunar or, if you cant wait, use Astral communion to get faster back to Lunar


Good Luck smile.png

Edited by Bonita

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It's not optional to precast. If you want a good opener, you pre-proc your trinkets by casting something with a travel time before the boss is pulled. Either precast Starsurge or precast Wrath+Starsurge.


If you don't pre-proc your trinkets, you lose a huge amount of damage.

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