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[Balance] Friend underperforming

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last few weeks my guild has been running heroic farm runs to gear up newcommers


one of these is my friend and he's playing boomkin. His gear is constantly changing and I don't know anything about balance, so it's very hard for me to pinpoint what he's doing wrong exactly. I did compare a "stiches" fight (gruul) between him and another equally geared, same set bonus boomkin and I think I saw that he isn't casting as much as he could, but i'm not certain of that


I've noticed his dps tends to be pretty bad during aoe encounters, which is weird because I though boomkins were king of aoe. but I don't know shit so i'll just stop assuming things and link some logs


Here's an example of single target fight he knows well: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/gTXQL41qA7bfMjCp#fight=16&view=rankings65% ain't bad, but I'm curious in what could be optimised to go higher


Here's an example of an aoe fight he knows well: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/gTXQL41qA7bfMjCp#fight=10&view=rankingsagain 50% is just average, but I've noticed his aoe reports are very inconsistant so something must be going on here


Here's a classic cleave fight aswell: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/gTXQL41qA7bfMjCp#fight=1&view=rankingsthis one's very low, but this is probably because he spent a lot of time dodging everything (he's not fully used to this fight yet)


in addition to the reviewing of these logs, I'm curious about one thing. rotation aside, what is a boomkin suposed to do when he has to move? I know you have a bar of day/night to manage, will it screw you if you cast moonfires or so while you have to move?


If anyone experience with the class could take a look at one or a few of these logs I would appreciate it a lot.


EDIT: uh, and the guy's name is "Zanyel". almost forgot

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I'll take this one for Bonita ^.^

First of all - a couple guidelines for you Zamphira. Boomkin is a single target dps class that can give up some of his ST damage to do aoe. Personally i prefer to leave aoe for warlocks, who can burst 2M+ in 3 secs on stacked adds (beastlord/thogar). From aoe perspective we're better than we were in MoP, but we can't be called "Kings of aoe". Only strength of boomkin aoe is that it hits EVERYTHING in 40yd radius around boomkin, so adds don't have to be stacked (like beastlord spears).
So shortly boomkin CAN aoe, but mostly it's more efficient for raid that he doesn't (that depends on fight and raid composition)

As for your friend (I've only checked grulls logs):


He should change his SoTF talent to Incarnation. It's best at the moment.

He lost his sunfire dot once - that should not happen, but mostly he knows how to manage it. However he first applied dots 4 secs into fight - that means his opener is incorrect. What he should be doing is:


-3 Inc
-1.5 Potion + Starsurge (max range)
0 CA + berserk + usable trinkets + moonfire
then just 2x starfire, starsurge and repeat.


Secondly - a lot of dps comes from correct management of starsurge. He had 3 initial charges, fight lasted 3:18 so he got 6 more and got 11 Shooting stars procs what sums to 20 total starsurges, and he had 20 starsuge casts - which is quite good. Quite - because he just let off his last two charges without using the buff. He should be staying with 1 charge most of the time, if he has more - he should spend them instead of saving them.


Further than that - he should always stick to the ABC (Always Be Casting) rule. He had 5 second window without any casts. 


I havent checked how he used starsurge buff, but I'm pretty sure he knows this stuff. 

Biggest loss of his dps is his opener - if he had done it correctly he would have had atleast 36k+ dps in the end.

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I'll take this one for Bonita ^.^


biggrin.pngbiggrin.png <3


Hi Zamphira,

i will add some things to what Pinkis already said:

(for gruul)


- he had 65% of DPS in his itemlevel, thats ok..not good, but also not that bad. With a correct opener an "ABC" he would have been quite better (as Pinkis already said)

- Another DPSloss, but not his fault, is his 640 ilvl trinket.

- And he will automatically do a lil more DPS when he reaches the next step of the legendary ring (10% ring procc)

- Also worth a note is, that your Shamans sucked at casting Bloodlust. At 00:09 secs Lust was casted. Way toooo late. DPS loss for your Boomkin, but also for all dps players

- Zanyel forgot to use the 2nd Int potion and used his first one way too late. But we already found out that his opener was incorrect wink.png

- As Pinkis already said, switch to Incarnation instead of SotF. SotF would only be (maybe) a choise if the fight would last 4:30 to 6 minutes, and in combination with more SS procs to spend on Starsurge (only with higher gear)

- His 2nd use of CA was very good. He used it shortly after entering Lunar eclipse. Good.

- Last but not least ^^. He should try to focus more on using Starsurge towards Eclipse peaks. He sometimes used it in the middle of the eclispe (30-50 eclipse). If he uses it at, lets say 80-90 eclipse it will hit even harder


I will give you some feedback about AoE in a few days. I am currently moving into a new home, got not much time for IcyVeins.

But what Pinkis said is correct. Moonkin AoE ist not the best but also not that bad. Especially moonkin aoe is quite nice if the "adds" or several bosses are alive for quite a time. E.g. Iron maidens. But also at Darmac you can potentially do good AoE-DPS, but you have no chance against a powerfull, wellplayed Lock or Firemage at Thogar smile.png

Also worth a word is that overall Moonkin AoE DPS relys on how you manage specific situations. For Example, if your guild is progressing Blast Furnace and is having a hard time killing the Primal Eles, he should stop AoEing and max singletarget DPS to them. Which ofc will result in a weak overall DPS, but will help the raid killing the boss much more

Edited by Bonita

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thanks for the help you two, I messed a bit on his boomkin so that I could understand better what you were talking about


there's one thing i'm not sure about though. which talent combination is better with incarnation?

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as promised I took a loot at his "aoe"logs from Thogar.

here are the issues:

(some of the following issues are the same as already above mentioned)

- very weak opener with 50k dps

- Bloodlust use failed by shaman. It was casted at 00:07 secs. if your guild want to use bloodlust at pull, it should be casted at pull

- Use Incarnation, not SotF

- 4,5 minutes fight but only used CA twice (could have been 3)

- No Int potions used

- He sometimes used Starsurge twice in Solar, and had no charge ready in Lunar. Avoid that. Stay sure to have at least 1 charge ready to use in Lunar. Lunar > Solar

- recast Dots shortly before leaving Eclipse

- At 00:52 while being in Solar he did not finsihed one cast for 9 seconds. Keep casting

- also consider what I have written previously


Darmac, Apr 29:

- weak burst dps at pull (38-40k)

- please, Incarnation

- please Pot

- CA only used twice, possible 4

- 00:00:52.648 Zanyel casts Rejuvenation on Zanyel

  00:00:53.942 Zanyel casts Rejuvenation on Zanyel

  00:00:55.264 Zanyel casts Rejuvenation on Zanyel

 => thats nonsense. If you need to heal yourself, cast 1 Rejuv and let it run, or cast a HealingTouch (+1 Rejuv if need). But do not cast 3 Rejuvs within 3 seconds.

- Keep casting as much as possible wink.png

- mostly the same issues as already mentioned

- Moonfire Dot spears if they are alive for longer than lets say 15 secs, keep Starfall up on spears

- Sunfire Dot 1 Packbeast when spawn (try to be in Solar when they spawn / if not always possible, not too bad, but he missed it a lot)

- Dot Packbeast and Spears while CA up

- Safe INC and CA for BL at last phase

Edited by Bonita

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