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Enhancement AoE

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Hi guys,

I have been wondering for the longest time what our 2-target and 3+ target rotation should look like. On the Icy Veins Enhance page it says the following:



Against 2 enemies, simply keep doing your single-target rotation on one enemy, replace wow_icon_spell_nature_lightning.jpgLightning Bolt with wow_icon_spell_nature_chainlightning.jpgChain Lightning, and start using wow_icon_spell_shaman_firenova.jpgFire Nova on cooldown. wow_icon_ability_shaman_lavalash.jpgLava Lash will spread your wow_icon_spell_fire_flameshock.jpgFlame Shock to the other enemy. Replace wow_icon_spell_fire_searingtotem.jpgSearing Totem with wow_icon_spell_fire_selfdestruct.jpgMagma Totem.

Against 3 or more enemies, drop wow_icon_spell_frost_frostshock.jpgFrost Shock from your rotation. Use wow_icon_spell_shaman_improvedstormstrikUnleash Elements before casting wow_icon_spell_shaman_firenova.jpgFire Nova (which is your #1 priority). It is important not to waste Unleash Elements on wow_icon_spell_fire_flameshock.jpgFlame Shock for multiple-target situations, because wow_icon_ability_shaman_lavalash.jpgLava Lash spread Flame Shock to other targets without the damage buff from Unleash Elements (i.e., if you have an Unleash Elements-buffed Flame Shock on a target, you will get a normal Flame Shock on nearby enemies after using Lava Lash).


I'm wondering about a few things..
1) Is it really worth using Magma Totem over Searing Totem at 2 targets?
2) When both UE and FN are off cooldown, is it a dps gain to cast UE first or should I just FN then UE right after?
3) When fighting 2 targets, do you just prioritise FN over FrS or is it a high priority spell? (my gut tells me that SS and especially LL, given the periodic resets, would still do more damage)
4) Say I'm using the CL glyph, do I still want to use CL over LB at 2/3 targets? Or only at 3 or more perhaps?

5) During Bloodlust, it feels like if I had a little more haste, I could only fit one filler in between FN's, like so: FN, filler, FN, filler, FN, .. - Is it worth doing so anyway, or am I better off going FN, filler x2, FN, .. ?
6) Not really rotation related but seems like a waste not asking since I've made this thread anyway.. Is there any place that has a comprehensive trinket ranking for Enhance? The one on Icy Veins only shows the top 9, 8 of which are heroic/mythic trinkets (which I won't get anytime soon)

I believe that's all of my questions, I hope someone can answer these for me, I'd be extremely grateful!

Thanks in advance,


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I'll try to be simple here, basing the answers on my experience and a short test I just went through.

All the numbers are based on my character without any buffs or active procs.



1. Searing vs Magma Totem


Magma Totem does 1003 damage multiplied by number of targets per cast [factor of 1]

Searing Totem does 1967 damage per cast [factor of 1.96]


Yes, Magma Totem on 2 targets [factor of 2] is already stronger than Searing Totem but barely. Searing Totem would have to do 2006 damage per cast to be on par. But I'd recommend Searing Totem in 2-target situations considering Magma Totem is stationary while Searing Totem has a long range.


2. Fire Nova postponing


Highly situational. Dependent on whether you are using Unleashed Fury as well.

Given enough targets Fire Nova becomes your strongest spell.

In add AoE I wouldn't postpone unless there is time only for one more Fire Nova and you want to empower it. (i.e. wait for Unleash Flame). In a heavy AoE situations damage per execute for Fire Nova exceeds 100k easily, so delaying even for 1 GCD might hurt your DPS. Echo of the Elements helps with this dilemma.


In 3-target situation: Unleashed Fury - Postpone (I would, hard to guess), Otherwise - Do not

In 2-target situation: Postpone


3. Stormstrike vs Lava Lash vs Fire Nova on 2 targets


Note: These numbers are an approximation. 5 minutes I invested into the testing is not enough to provide very accurate numbers as these spells have a damage range. Lava Lash turns out a little stronger as I have a stronger OH weapon.


Fire Nova does (~4800 x (number of targets - 1) damage per target per cast *

Stormstrike does ~19500 damage per cast [factor of 4.06]

Lava Lash does ~20500 damage per cast [factor of 4.27]


Fire Nova on 2 targets = factor of 2

Fire Nova on 3 targets = factor of 6

Fire Nova on 4 targets = factor of 12


Your guts are right. On 2 targets, no way. However, on more targets Fire Nova gets multiplied per each Flame Shock source and then it gets a high priority.


*the base damage of Fire Nova is a factor of 1, but Fire Nova on 1 target does 0 damage in reality


4. Chain Lightning vs Lightning Bolt on 2 targets


Lightning Bolt does ~10000 damage per cast [factor of 1]

Chain Lightning does ~11800 damage on 2 targets per cast [factor of 1.18]

Glyphed Chain Lightning does 10% less damage, i.e. 10620 damage on 2 targets per cast [factor of 1.06]


Yes, even glyphed CL is better than LB in 2-target situations.

However, Lightning Bolt will do 30% more damage [factor of 1.3] during the Unleashed Fury buff (if you're specced into it) making it the strongest choice even in a 2-target situation during this 10-second period.


5. Fire Nova postponing


Same reasoning as for the second question. There are other factors than haste you have to look for. The number of targets and their expected lifespan will determine the outcome.


As long as you are not delaying Fire Nova in AoE situation (where it has a number 1 priority) you are free to fit in as many fillers as possible.


6. Trinket Ranking


The ranking will be the same even for the Normal versions of the trinkets.

For other than BRF trinkets - Sorry, no idea.





Also, remember, the numbers are not accurate, although the outcome should be.

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Sorry, completely forgot I made this thread, thanks for the answers, it's really helpful ^^

I was also wondering if anyone could tell me what the best opener is for an EoE/UF/LM setup? Thanks! :)

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I always pop spiritwalk at 5 sec, then searing/fire elemental with storm elemental before prepotting and UE at 1 second. Flameshock on pull and blow cds.

Getting stormstrike and lavalash to start recharging is prio, then casting UE, LB, shock and stormstrike/lavalash

The main trick with EotE is to never reach 2 stacks or 0 stacks on stormstrike/lavalash. Getting fillers in greatly increase your dps over trying to dump stormstrike and lavalash.

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