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I´m just wondering if there is anything i do wrong during the Iron Maidens encounter

My Armoury


Thanks in advance!

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Your healing looks fine getting up to the final phase. I'd recommend that hardly anyone uses a major healing cooldown after 5 minutes into the fight so that they're all up in the final phase and you just stack them up with each turret including tranq, monk, shaman and devo and avenging wrath. 


Just looking at the deaths tabs your raid needs a lot of help with the dominator turret. Most of the players took 3 shots of the dominator turret before going down which suggests several turret hits. If you select damage taken, source: dominator blast, you'll see someone that ate 50 hits for over 1.8 million damage? Not sure if that's accurate or over all pulls but regardless, when it pops in melee is the most dangerous time point and a big healing trick should just be fired off if it pops in melee but the turret blasts are quite dodgeable and everyone near one should focus on escaping it first, killing the turret second. The Monk and Shaman biggest healing cooldowns should be saved for then or a tranq.


I'm not sure if you're stacking into the line for penetrating shots but I would say that if no one uses a trick after 5 minutes into the fight, everyone will have their immunity up for the final phase (which is all that matters). Then mages, pallies, and hunters should have their immunity up at the end (and priests but you strangely don't have any).  Tanks will never get targeted. The Dark Hunt is also physical damage and a one shot so would save bops for people who don't have an immunity and for penetrating shot and dark hunt. 


Both pallies should use their 2 bops and divine shields and lay on hands in this phase and if you do and clean up the turret hits, I'm certain you'll down the turrets and of course Ga'Ran is your top target to put down early on to stop the turrets if you can get this part down. 

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