[Balance] Fine tuning, and clarification requested

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Hi forum,


Ive just gone through alot of the boomkin help threads trying to pick up advice. There seem to be some people offering sound advice so i was wondering if they could help me out as well :) 


heres a link to my guild log page, ill be in all of them i think.



Things ive worked out im doing wrong, my opening rotato has been precasting starfire and then popping the buffs. So I can fix that as per the other corrections. Im imagining particularly on single target fights that fix alone will be worth a huge portion of dps. 


I picked up on one of them that you want to be using starsurge at around 80 lunar/solar? Could that be confirmed? Am i aiming to leave lunar with one empowerment left for use on return  then? 


Regarding CD usage, CA should always be in lunar, and the Inc+CA combo should be as well? Assuming the Inc+Ca comes off cd and im in solar, should i just wait to hit lunar and hit bang on the midpoint? Should i forcibly transition to lunar asap through communion? Or should i wait till deep lunar just passively then pop?


I have previously popped Ca in solar with the logic that spamming wrath for a set period of time will help realign CA with inc (generally if im behind).


Next question pertains to darmac and throgar particularly, is there anyway to ensure via timing of CA that you'll be in solar for then the adds spawn? And to this end what do you make of the sunfall glyph? And if using it would it be worth using CA  to maximise the aoe cheese (im thinking maybe kromog hand would be the time). 


My final question is related to stats and their uses im currently operating on the order of : Mastery>=Crit>Haste>Multi. My confusion comes over haste and its potential to allow for more CAs in a fight generally when not using euphoria as I find it harder to get the 2:1 ration on the CDs without it. 


Oh and trinkets, should I get a blackhand one for aoe fights?


Sorry, thats undoubtedly a wall of text, any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. 


(oh one last thing, iron maidens, euphoria, bop or Stellar) (stellar seemed ok in the half baked effort i gave it this week before dieing)

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hey, i will do a full reply in a few days but to quick answer your last question:

at maidens chooses between BoP or Euphoria. Test them both and take whwre you

feel more comf with and you do more dps.

Stelar Flare is too weak and too shitty for moonkin clear gameplay

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First of all, things aren't as black and white as it appears you want them to be, but I'll try to answer your questions.


It doesn't matter if it is a multitarget fight or a singletarget fight. Your opener is always important. Since the change to trinkets, the opener is more important than ever! When you engage combat your trinkets are reset automatically. This is why you are always guaranteed trinket procs on pull, even if they proc'ed on the trash pack before the boss 30 seconds earlier. Another change in game mechanics is that trinkets now proc 'on cast' and not 'on hit'. This means that you can proc your trinket before the pull by casting something with a travel time (Wrath or Starsurge). If you pre-cast a Wrath about 3 seconds before the pull, the cast will finish about 1.5 seconds before the pull and your trinkets will proc before entering combat. Wrath then hits the boss and you enter combat, resetting your trinkets. Once the trinkets expire they will proc immediately again. As you can see, you will be guaranteed 20 seconds of trinket procs (assuming you use the ones from BRF), rather than 10 seconds, by precasting something with a travel time. Sometimes you can be lucky to get 20 seconds of trinket procs by not precasting anything, but by precasting something with a travel time you are guaranteed double procs. Always. Guaranteeing these double procs is just as important on single target fights as on multitarget fights. Note that if something proc'ed your trinkets before pull (like reseting the boss or killing a trash pack), you cannot get these double trinket procs. Dying will reset your trinkets, while eating will prevent your trinkets from proccing if you reset the boss. 


Regarding when to use Starsurge: It is correct that you want to use Starsurge at high eclipse levels. It is also correct that Starsurge is slightly better to use during Lunar. This is purely theoretical though and it would only work out to your benefit on a dummy target. In reality, using Starsurge is far less black and white. Why? Because you also have to take movement into account. Starsurge is your single most important tool for mobility, as you can move a bit during the global cooldown. Let's take a fight like Gruul as an example. While you remain stationary for the most of the fight, you will need to move once in a while from Overhead Smash, Cave In or Petrify. As these mechanics are highly random, always having 1 Starsurge available to cast on the move is - in my opinion - far more important than squeezing that little extra damage out by using Starsurge primarily in Lunar. Basically, making sure you're nearly always casting is more important than following the perfect rotation. The same thing goes for reapplying your dots. If you have the choice, you should reapply your dots with the Peak buff, but just as it is about to expire when your eclipse bar is nearing the middle. But those few extra thousand damage you gain from that is easily outweighed by the damage you lose by not casting for just 1 second, because you reapplied your dots when you didn't need to move. Do never let your dots fall off though!


Regarding CA usage. Personally I pretty much use Celestial Alignment off cooldown, because this means you could eventually get to use it once more than if you delayed it a bit. However, if you know the length of a fight it is a different story. If you by experience know that you can only fit 4 CA in a fight and 5 CA would be impossible, I would delay every CA for Lunar and even potentially fish for a trinket proc first (using CA right before you're about to leave Lunar if no proc occurs). But using CA in Solar is not as bad as you think. Your Wraths do only have 8% less DPET than Starfire, and you can set it up so that you have 2 Lunar Empowerments left over from your last Lunar Eclipse, so you can cast 2 empowered Starfires when using CA in Solar. 

I wouldn't recommend you to use Astral Communion before CA unless you're preparing to nuke a priority target or something like that.


Regarding CA and Incarnation alignment. This one is a bitch because they rarely align. General rule: Do never use Incarnation during a CA (waste of a global cooldown). If CA is ready and Incarnation is soon coming up, delay CA a bit if it means that you won't reduce the total amounts of CA you can cast over the fight (again, you need to know the length of the fight beforehand).

Keep in mind that advice like this doesn't apply to bosses like Kromog or Iron Maidens where you want to save cooldowns for the enrage (30% and 20% in these examples).


For timing your eclipse on Beastlord and Thogar: if your goal is to cheese the meters, I guess you could use Astral Communion to prepare your eclipse bar for spreading Sunfire. I would strongly advice against this as padding the meters is lame. Your goal should be to kill the boss as safe and as fast as possible. If you are not in Solar by the time add spawns, it just means your Starfall deals more damage. Keep it up and do single target damage to the boss instead. If you happen to be in Solar, good for you, spreading your Sunfire is then perfectly acceptable. You should use CA off cooldown unless you're struggling with difficult phases of the fight. If the hands are dying too slow on Kromog, go ahead and save it for that. For Mythic Kromog you want to save CA for the pillars, at least on progression. On Thogar I would use CA off cooldown. If you want to save it here, save it for when Man-at-arms spawns, so you can nuke the hell out of him. On Beastlord you should use CA whenever possible, keeping in mind that it should be up at some point during the 40-second heroism window at the end of the fight, so time it accordingly. 


The statweights aren't as simple as you propose. It depends on the amount of targets, the length of the fight and how much you're required to move. Haste also diminishes in value as you get more gear - in my latest simulation versatility was worth more than haste to me. As long as you stack mastery, the stats have a minimal influence on your performance. We are not t15 fury warriors. General advice: 

1. select the piece with most intellect

2. when comparing items of similar ilvl, go with the one with the most mastery or the one with a socket

3. if both or none of the items have mastery, go with the one with crit


Blackhand trinket for aoe? if you can get your hands on one, why not. Personally I would stick with my haste and crit trinkets as there are no pure aoe fights - there is always a priority target to focus unless you're padding. 


Talent choice for Iron Maidens? They're all viable. Euphoria gives you far more control, useful for boats and quickly nuking specific targets (like turrets). BoP and SF yields the highest output, with SF being slightly better but immensely harder to play with, which means that BoP most likely outperforms SF in reality. 


When you post a wall of text you get one in return wink.png

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Whats the complication with stellar flare, is the point of application that critical to maximising its damage?


Cheers for the reply btw :) I feel relatively happy with my overall game play so im really looking for these theoretical gains I can try implement to make more headway, and this certainly helps provides some pointers so cheers.

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It's yet another dot to keep 100% uptime on, compared to the entirely passive talents, Euphoria and Balance of Power.

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