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Boston, MA - Weekly Fireside Series - Finals in July $2000 prize pool

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The Newton Gaming Center (10 minutes from Boston) will be starting a weekly Hearthstone series on Fridays (see schedule on event page). The first tournament will start this Friday May 8th.


The top finishers from each Friday tournament will be awarded points that will determine eligibility into our championship tournament on July 11th, which will have a $2000 prize pool as well as collectible prizes. The winner of this tournament will qualify for the Blizzard's regional online Fireside Gathering Championship Qualifier, which has a $5000 prize pool as well as a chance to qualify into the Hearthstone World Championship Regional Qualifier. More details about this Blizzard event can be found here: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/18792371/take-your-place-in-the-fireside-gathering-championship-4-23-2015




Check-in at 6:45-7:15 

Matches will start as soon as check-in is over

$5 venue

$5 tournament

Pay at door



1st: 75%%

2nd: 25%

Giveaways: 10 Hearthstone Card Packs every week



Points will go towards an ongoing ladder

10 points per series win

0 points per BYE

10 points if you win the 1st match after the BYE round

10 additonal points for 1st place

5 points for attending each fireside event

The top 16 players on the ladder will receive priority sign ups for the final $2000 tournament championship in July




Single Elim

Bo3 rounds

Bo5 semis and finals

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