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Trying to increase my DPS (Frost 2H)

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So lately I've been feeling like I'm not up to chops on my DPS for H BRF, I feel like I can contribute more, and I know that if I mash harder on my abilities my DPS does go up a bit more but it seems like this is unnecissary as I feel that I am just missing something that mashing makes up for. I've followed the rotation guide here as well as nabbed weak auras and Storms 2H weak aura setup to kind of help me, and whenever I feel the slightest bit lost I'll use the ability it suggests (Plus its a great reminder for Blood Plague etc). Essentially I'm looking to see what I can do to up my DPS at the moment so I can feel like I'm contributing more to the raid that I am in.









(Blackhand Attempts) http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/bba12f1e-7b3c-4750-bcba-1664f02b01ca/overview


(Todays raid) http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/1d626553-5c7b-43ca-9455-f05dbefefdd5/overview


Any suggestions and help are greatly appreciated.

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At a glance, I think these are the main things you need to improve on: 

  • Use Defile on CD. For example, on a 3:43 Gruul fight, you only used it 4 times, where you could have used it 7. 
  • Get a swing timer so that you don't accidentally use a KM proc on Frost Strike. Your Obliterate only crit 44% of the time, I think it should be 50-60%. 
  • Make sure you use Soul Reaper on CD as well. Similar issue with Defile. 
  • Blood Plague uptime could be better, but I'm not sure as I never raided Frost myself. I think it still should be somewhere along the 80%. 
  • Also, it appears that you haven't used Army of the Dead on some fights(Gruul and Operator). 

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