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Blood DK value of Avoidance?

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My great Followers just have brought a new Axe Home.


My old Tanking Wepon was the Proving Ground Axe iLevel 630

167 Str

251 Stam

113 Crit

109 Mastery

not much to say about.


Last days I received already my first upgrade to a iLevel 645 Axe

192 Str

288 Stam

106 Versatility

141 Multistrike

Prismatic Socket (No Gem inside ^^")

not really the Tanking Stats for Survival i would say, as i wanted to stack Mastery first.


Now my most recent loot is a iLevel 651 Axe

203 Str

305 Stam

147 Crit

115 Versatility

116 Avoidance (+4,64% Avoidance)


So i went now to check what my Stat Priority tells me about Avoidance, but it isn't even mentioned! Is Avoidance to ignore?


Would be nice to hear what you think about it, so that i can get my Inventory empty again ^^......


Kind regards



I wish Reforging back *sigh*

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Avoidance can be ignored for the most part when comparing upgrades. It's a very situational stat since it only reduces AoE damage, but the majority of AoE damage can be avoided so at best it just saves you a little bit when you make mistakes. Technically it's probably the best stat while you're standing in fire, but just don't stand in fires.


Although avoidance can be situationally strong, I'd always favor better constant stats whenever there's a choice. whether it's from higher ilvl, warforged, a gem socket, or just better itemization.


I would use avoidance as sort of a tie breaker though. if you have two very similar pieces, like for example one with mastery+crit, and one with mastery+vers and they're the same item level, but one of them has avoidance, then take the one with avoidance. In your case I'd go with the 651 axe. Crit offers more survival benefits than multistrike, and although the socket in the 645 will give you more stats than the WF on the 651, the avoidance kind of makes up for that little bit of difference.

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