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I'm new to warlocks, leveling as Destruction, currently level 44, with the intention of eventually raiding. I chose Destruction after a friend advised me that this was the best spec for leveling.

Since Affliction seems to be the top spec for raiding, I'm wondering if/when I should switch specs. Is Destro really the best for leveling? Should I stick with this while leveling? How long?

Or should I switch now? Will I find it difficult to adjust to the different play style of Affliction if I take the Destro spec all the way to 80 or 85?

And what else do I need to know about leveling a warlock? There seems to be very little information out there on lower level warlocks that's been updated for Pandaria. (The official Icy-Veins warlock leveling guide only covers levels 85 through 90.)

I've taken a look at the unofficial Warlock Leveling Guide thread. I also found a thread started last June by another person new to warlocks.

Unfortunately the unofficial leveling guide hasn't been updated for Pandaria, so it's hard to know what, if anything, in it is still applicable. Ditto the old new-to-warlocks thread.


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Oops. I wrote the above post a couple of days ago but couldn't post it until this morning because the forum registration validation was broken. Now, after posting it, I found that someone else posted a similar question last night! Doh!

The other thread recommends either Destruction or Demonology for questing, so I guess I'll stick with Destro until I get to 80 or so.

However, I think it would still be extremely useful if there was a guide here for leveling a warlock all the way from level 1, like the old unofficial leveling guide thread. Is anyone up to updating that old guide?

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I'm definitely not the person to update a leveling guide, but I recently leveled a warlock from 1-90 as affliction the whole way. I found the process to be easy enough. I just put out my void, put dots on a few mobs and ran around looting things. I could pretty much solo any thing I needed to solo for a quest. I don't think I died while except on a random dungeon wipe because someone did something stupid or getting one-shot ganked by a level 90.

It may be faster to level as destro or demonology, but leveling as affliction certainly wasn't a bad experience.

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I recently leveled a warlock as demonology to 80 for herald title and i found it was very easy and the voidlord (or voidwalker) make questing really easy, also the rotation is very easy and smooth. Tried leveling as an affliction but i couldn't get it to work.

Now that I'm on level 80 i'm doing almost twice the dps as a demo than as affliction, but thats probably me not getting used to rotation.

Here's my armory link

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