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My Rogue Mill Deck

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This is my first post but I wanted to try and give something back after leeching decks from here for the past year.


I LOVE mill decks in any card game. Maybe a characteristic of my general nature. Stripping the power away from someone trying to cause me harm and draining them slowly. Frustrating them and surprising them.


I've looked at the Rogue mill decks and have tried them, but I Was winning 1 in 4 games if I was lucky. The wins were fun and epic but I had to really work for them. I began trying to find a way to make a Rogue Mill deck that WORKED more often than not without having to rely on just one or two combos to be able to win.


So, here is what I finally came up with. I've won my last 4 games with this deck so I think I'm onto something and hope maybe you all have some good luck with it too!


I call this deck: Patronage Millsery

2 Backstab

2 Preparation

2 Shadowstep

2 Elven Archer

2 Gang Up

2 Sap

2 Shiv

2 Mad Bomber

2 Unstable Ghoul

1 Fan Of Knives

2 Coldlight Oracle

2 Abomination

2 Antique Healbot

2 Grim Patron

2 Vanish

1 Emperor Thaurissan


In a nutshell, you have early control, mid game rush and late game mill.


It's been working pretty well so far.


Try it out and let me know your thoughts.






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