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690+ Mythic spec

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Looking for some advice. I've recently joined a mythic guild that is at the tail end of BRF. I currently play assassination and combat for my specs. I have had no issues in the past with single target dps as ass, but it has come up about me playing subt instead. What im curious to know is learning subt truely worth the time with 6.2 buffs around the corner being fairly significant for assassination.


Looking over warcraftlogs and mrrobot the overall dps difference between subt and assassination is only 1 or 2k at my gear level and beyond. I have done raids with mythic geared subt rogues and typically can stay neck and neck with them on any single target fight.


Assassination has been my baby for years and i feel i can play it at 100% or even beyond, so any thoughts or pros/cons between the two single target spec's would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Pros? Sub has better single target 


Cons? Assassination is simpler.


Sub is getting buffed in 6.2 as well, but you shouldn't be looking to the future to figure out what to play now - whatever is best now is what you should play now.




If you look at that link, you can see how many of the top parsing Rogues play Assassination - there are only 2 fights where they ever make top 10, and there are only 3 in the top 25 for each of those fights. If you look at a pure single target fight like Gruul, however, you need to hit rank 33 to find the first Asn Rogue, 58 to find the next, and 82 for the one after that.


If current results aren't enough to show you, I'll link current SimCraft results at BiS gear for Single Target




I won't bother linking Cleave since Combat is better in all cases.


So yeah, that's that. To min-max, playing Sub / Combat is your best bet. Is Assassination viable? Sure it is, but it's not best

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