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Black Market: good or bad?

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What do you guys think about the Black Market? I think it's going to be interesting. The prices will be way too high at the start and I'm interested in seeing how they evolve over time. Some of my guildies (the rich ones) are really happy about this, other guys (the poor ones) who have been farming this stuff weekly for years are really angry.

I don't really mind the transmog armor, pets or the even the plans and TCG items.(I'm not sure if the TCG items are for real or not). What I don't really llike are the mounts they sell, like the turtle or ashes of Al'ar. Those will also have ridiculous prices.

What do you guys think?

edit: Obviously nothing is finalized yet, this is still a work in progress so things can(and probably will) change a lot before launch.

The bid limit has been increased from 280k to 999,999 gold.

The list of items you could buy some time ago:


Mounts Misc Pets

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I don't think any of the items on the Black market or even how it will work has been finalised yet and there is plenty of opportunity for it to be changed before the MoP launch.

My ONLY concern with this feature is that the top guilds per realm will effectively control it. For months now these guilds have been amassing millions of gold selling boost runs in DS and FL heroic. They charge (on the realms I play on) up to 300k per booster run and have a very booked up schedule of people all too eager to part with gold for the titles / gear / achievements etc.

Now, I personally don't mind paying silly money for Ashes of Alar; but there is no way I'd ever be able to compete against someone with millions of gold sat in their guild bank. I did read that there will be a maximum price on Black market items too - but I am unsure then how a potential winner of an item would be decided.

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Ultimately it can only be a good thing.

For those that can't afford the item then you still have the same chance as before at obtaining the drop.

The prices of items such as Ashes of Al'ar will be so high that anyone willing to pay for it is more than welcome too. If it comes down to it and it becomes 1million gold then would you as an average player really really want to pay that much?

Even if I had 1million gold I wouldnt use it for a mount.

It will provide a much needed extra gold sink into the game.

Personally I already have the Sea Turtle and the White Hawkstrider. Would I mind if someone went and bought it from the Black Market? I dont really think so. None of these mounts are truly rare anymore anyway.

With shared mounts and pets in MoP you could realistically run Tempest Keep on 11 different characters every single week in the hope of obtaining the drop.

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The Black market AH has now had it's maximum bid you can make increased from 280K to 999,999 gold. This is what I feared would happen. Now, all them guilds who have been hoarding gold from selling DS / FL boosts will effectively be able to control the market as they wish, and the average player to whom 999'999 gold is actually a lot of money will be priced out.

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