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Warlock BRF DPS Guides on YouTube - Demonology 9/10, Destruction 0/10, Affliction 0/10 Completed

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A note for the moderators, this thread was not mistakenly placed here - I was specifically asked to relocate this post to the Off-Topic Forum. Please do not move it elsewhere!



Hello Warlock community! It had come to my attention that there really are no warlock specific DPS guides for each fight in BRF up on YouTube. As such I've decided to step up and fill in on this missing bit of information.


Now, yes it's one thing to have plenty of discussion in forums about what's the best spec/talent setup for each fight. However, for newer warlocks (or those who simply feel they just aren't getting everything they can out of their play) I've decided to go ahead and release (what I play to be) a 30 video series covering every fight on BRF - from each talent specialization's point of view. These videos will be highlighting my particular talent/glyph choices - on a per fight basis, warlock-specific tips and tricks to maximize DPS and survivability, as well as detailed information about how I handle various fight mechanics while still maximizing my DPS. Now, this is in no way the "end all be all" of guides. These are my personal recommendations based on what has worked best for me after months of clearing this place and testing a number of different factors on each fight. Helpful comments and constructive criticism is encouraged.


With that said, I feel like it would be a good idea to get out there and "market" these guides on the various community websites. That being said, feel free to check out my YouTube channel: 




Or check out the links right here: 


Demonology Guides







Blast Furnace:


Beastlord Darmac:


Operator Thogar:


Iron Maidens:


Hansgar and Franzok:




Flamebender Ka'graz:





Destruction Guides


Affliction Guides


Given limited time to complete these guides I can't promise a steady stream of them, however, I do plan to have them all completed before this tier becomes old content. If you, or someone you know, can benefit from these guides then please pass along the information and drop me a like/comment/subscribe! Thanks in advance and I hope you all enjoy.

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