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Hearthstone Duelist League(1v1)/Season1

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Hi summoners,
GrimBatol welcomes you to our new Realm for Hearthstone, The GrimBatol-Hearthstone Duelist League.
All informations (+Rules) you find in the forums @ http://grimbatol-hs-league.shivtr.com/
The first Season will start @ 0:00 CEST on Monday,18/05/015.
You have time to register until 23:50 CEST on the next Sunday,17/05/015
Its a free registration without entry fee.
Short overview about the Duelist League:
The GrimBatol- Duelist League offers a competition for the discipline 1v1 for the Players.
The League is fitted for Amateurs,Mid Skilled Players and High Skilled Players.
The integrated group divisions will retrieve an ELO-System.
One League season consists of 4 Play Weeks.
The League comprises a Duel System which every Player has to use to challenge the other Players.
The 4 Play Weeks will get regenerated.A Scoreboard Ranking for Players will regularly get actualized for each Week.
After a current Play Week new Players as known Players have the possibility to join the upcoming Play Weeks.
The Players have the possibility to maintain their Play Week Scores till the end of 1 Season.The more Play Weeks they join,the more Points they will receive in the evaluation at the end of the Season. .
According to the end evaluation the prizes will get distributed.
Besides, the Players have the chance to achieve 4 Ranks for each Play Week.
After a current Play Week the Players will be rewarded.
Hope to see you and your Mulligans smile.png
Greetings GrimBatol, http://grimbatol.gamersites.de


Hey, we wanna make a Poll.According to it, we can adapt your opinion and wishes for the Duel System.
It would be the possibility to increase your own points and ranks with another skill level.
After you reached your Minimum Duel Win number in your own group you have the option to duel other players in the reamining 2 other groups.


Hi, well the League Rules may seem not so easy to understand .Its also a new system . You can reach me,the main admin of the League,@ Server EU(Europe).If you have questions about some details of the rules which you cant understand, contact me Orko#2909.The main thing is that we unfortunately use a free plan for the website.The requirement that you have to use the Forums maybe seems very complicated, but its easy to handle with a little effort.

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