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Sub rogue, FW on opener

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I have a question regarding when I should pop SD and SR on opener.


I'm using Subterfuge and I start the rotation with Garrote > Ambush ... etc.

After the Ambush, I'll have 10 seconds worth of FW.

Should I wait until the debuff is gone (or almost gone on the target) and then pop SR > Rupture > SD? 


Or should I blow SR and SD right after the first ambush (after energy pooling).


If I wait until the debuff is about to expire, I can get a 5 point SnD (that will last until the 2nd vanish) and still get another 5CP to SR + rupture > SD.


While I'm at it. If by any chance I pop SD before SR, will it copy my ambush? Or, since the SR wont recieve the SD,  will it just be doing nothing and casting eviscerates when I use them?


PS: I don't have the T17 2P bonus.



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Don't wait to pop Dance, just pool energy a bit then go


Taking advantage of your trinket procs is best, especially once you get the 2pc and can fill half your energy bar instantly when you start SD


Your Clone doesn't have a "stance", it just uses whatever moves you use. Generally the best practice is to get it to copy Rupture then use SD


So your opening (after prepot/SnD) looks something like Garrote > Ambush > Hat Proc > SR > Rup > SD > Ambush. Only change with the 2pc is a second Ambush before SR, so you can ignore the mandary HaT proc / energy pool

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