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MoP PvP Macros

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Hey guys, Mists of Pandaria has been out for about a month now, and i feel it might be nice to get some up-to-date PvP Macros in the forums.

I'll try to post more later but right now i just wanna share a PvP Survival Macro that i invented for my Retribution Paladin the other day. Let it be known that i HAVEN'T tested this Macro yet, and i don't know how it will behave, but in theory I'm confident that it'll work.

Survival Macro-



/target Deathstank

/cast Hand of Protection

/cast Devotion Aura

/cast Divine Protection

/cast Potion of the Mountains

/cast Stay of Execution

/cast Hand of Salvation

/cast Hand of Freedom

/cast Blinding Light

/cast Speed of Light


So to explain it, it starts off by clearing your current target and targeting yourself; after that my intention is to stop any incoming damage as soon as possible, so once Hand of Protection is out, I will be immune to melee effects, and Devotion Aura and Divine Protection(unglyphed) will total for 60% total magical damage mitigation.

Potion of the Mountains will give you 12,000 additional armor, which will greatly increase your chances of survival.

After i've gone through all the steps for damage mitigation, I cast Stay of Execution(healing component of Execution Sentence) to start healing any health that may have been lost before i cast the macro.

Next comes Hand of Salvation, which will remove any threat that i have for 10 seconds, which will get any pets or minions off of me.

Then I cast Hand of Freedom, Blinding Light, and Speed of Light, which will, 1- make me immune to movement impairing effects, 2-disorient any enemy within 10yds for 6 seconds, and 3- give me a 70% movement speed increase, with which i will hightail out of danger zone and, hopefully, find a healer to heal you back up so you can rejoin the fight.

So that is the macro, and it may sound like a bunch of steps, but in theory it should cast/use all the spells and items listed simultaneously, since they are all off the GCD.

So if someone could test this for me and see if it works, i would really appreciate it.

Tell me what you think and get back with me. Posted Image

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