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some prot analytics

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Hello everyone!


I just dont have another prot warry to discuss prot gameplay, so i thougt maybe someone here could help me and analyze my logs =)




waorcraftlogs https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/115488/latest/


armory  http://eu.battle.net/wow/ru/character/дракономор/Бульбяш/simple


p.s. so sorry for bad english.




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I'll try to take a look at these tomorrow. In the mean time, would you pick 2-3 fights in particular you'd like me to look at?

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Oh, yes, sorry. I'll try to get to it this evening. I'm a few weeks out from graduation, so I'm a bit scattered at the moment.

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Gruul - Thursday, April 30:


Normally, I start with CD usage, but I skip to do that later for Gruul since CD usage depends on ability timing and I'll be looking at your Events to see if you're using your abilities well.


I see 6 uses each of Dragon Roar and Bloodbath, which is what I'd expect. I see no uses of Ravager, which is the talent I'd recommend for this fight. You can parry Overwhelming Blows, which is a major source of damage for this fight. Using Ravager while actively tanking Gruul gives you very nearly equal smoothness to Gladiator's Resolve, but significantly less overall damage taken.


Your Shield Block uptime looks low, but I'll check your Events later on to see if it is lining up the way I'd expect it to. Your Shield Barrier looks about right on the size and you have no overhealing, which is good.


Okay, so now I'm going to look at your Events view with Inferno Strike, Overwhelming Blows, Shield Wall, Last Stand, Demoralizing Shout, and Shield Block included. This will tell me whether you timed your abilities properly and if you could have fit more CDs in.


It looks like you were tanking on pulls, yet you don't use any active mitigation for 10 seconds. Your first Inferno Strike is 11 seconds in, so your SBlk covers that. I would have expected to see another SBlk a few seconds into the pull (<4 seconds) and at least a Demo Shout for your first Inferno Strike.


It takes another 9 seconds before your next Shield Block, so you're holding onto a charge without needing to. Your second Inferno Strike was 24 seconds in. Again, no CD, though you had all three CDs available.


At 36 seconds in, you take your third Inferno Strike. You had Shield Block and Demo Shout for this one, so this is the first tme you've taken a Strike with a CD. At this point in time, you have also only used SBlk 3 times. This gives a 50% uptime at this point, but you could have had a solid 18s stretch of SBlk at the start. With that, you would have had a charge coming up again right as you're taking your second Strike, so you could have gotten that easily, the same goes for your third Strike.


At 50 seconds into the fight, you take your fourth Strike and you have SBlk and Shield Wall up for it.


2:38 in, you take your next Inferno Strike with only a Shield Block. While Shielf Wall was still on cooldown (barely), you had Last Stand and Demoralizing Shout that you could have used.


At 2:51, you took another Strike with only a SBlk, you had all three CDs available.


At 3:03, you take a Strike with Demo Shout and SBlk.


At 3:15, you take a Strike with Shield Wall and SBlk.


It looks like you and your cotank switch at this point.


You start tanking again at 4:48 and use no mitigation for five seconds. You should have been saving enough rage to SBlk immediately upon the tank swap.


Your next Strike at 5:02 is SBlked but no CD.


At 5:05, you use Last Stand as an "oh, shit" button. I would have recommended using Last Stand prior to the Strike at 5:02 in order to avoid the emergency.


Your next Strike at 5:15 still has Last Stand up and also has SBlk.


Your Strike at 5:27 has Demo Shout and SBlk up.


At 5:39, you died to an Inferno Strike. You had Shield Wall up, but no SBlk.


Overall, you use Shield Block too infrequently and you could rearrange your CD uses to make sure you have optimal coverage. Demo Shout in particular is used too little, as is Last Stand. I'm also not seeing a lot of externals on you. Make sure you're planning those out and calling for them.


I also noticed that you're tanking the boss while taking Inferno Slices/Strikes. You may want to rethink this method. Taking a Strike and then melees or Overwhelming Blows is dangerous. Additionally, it does not allow you to ideally use your Shield Blocks.


For your damage done, you had 23 Sudden Death procs, but only 20 Execute uses. You have 13 Ultimatum procs and 13 Heroic Strikes. You seem to have used all of your Ultimatum procs, but make sure to get all of your Sudden Death procs.


At this point, I have not looked at your rage use, but I'm expecting you to have high waste. This is because you have low uptimes on Shield Block, roughly zero rage used on damage, and 11 Shield Barrier.


Looking at your Resources tab, I see that you gained 2600 rage and wasted 1137 of it. In other words, you lost 43.7% of all of the rage you gained. With this rage, you could have doubled your Shield Block uptime (assuming some of your SBlk uses were 2-set procs) which would have cost you 720 of your wasted rage, leaving 417 rage, which could have been 6 more Shield Barriers and nearly two more Heroic Strikes or Executes. Overall, this means that you took massively more damage than you needed to.


Additionally, I can't see, to figure out what your second trinket was. You used the Battering Talisman, but you have another trinket proc that gave you the buff called "Cracks!" I have no idea what this from, but it gave you 520 haste a few times throughout the fight. If you have another trinket, I would recommend it over this one. Haste is a poor stat for DPS increase and even worse for survivability. It's not as bad as multistrike, but that's not saying much. I can see why you used the Battering Talisman, but with better use of CDs and mitigation, you wouldn't need it. Either way, Tectus' trinket, Pillar of Earth, is a better option for a stam trinket since it also gives you bonus armor and versatility, which are far more valuable than haste.


Seeing what your rage waste was and looking at your casts, I was wondering what your GCD usage looked like. From the fight length, I'd expect to see around 240 GCDs used since you have no need to be away from the boss at any point. Totaling up all of your GCD-using abilites, I see that you use 232 GCDs, so you're not far off. However, I noticed a few anomalies while doing this. You have 2 uses of Thunder Clap, which is a single target damage loss. You also had 33 Revenge uses, which seems low to me. You spent 106 GCDs on Devastate, which seems high. Make sure you're not using GCDs on Devastate when you have Revenge or Shield Slam available.


Overall, in order to improve you need to make sure you are never wasting your rage. Never hit rage cap, you should always be using your rage on something instead of capping. Additionally, you aren't making sufficient use of your active mitigation. You seem to be planning around having Shield Block up for Inferno Slice and nothing else, but the damage you took from Inferno Strike and Overwhelming Blows is nearly equal. It is essential to make sure you're not leaving yourself vulnerable while tanking just because you're planning for Inferno Strike. The same goes for your CD usage. Take a look at your logs and find the typical spacing of your Inferno Strikes and use that to plan your CDs in advance.

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