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Blackhand Mythic tips?

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I know and have read around some place with the leap, saving demo and 2x DS for p3 burn etc.
But is there anyone that got some other pointers or tips for this fight?


Im starting progression tonight on it so would love any advice/tips that you can throw my way smile.png


My guild spent a lot of time on Furnace but i have a feeling BH might be just as hard with the p2 progression.


Thank you in advance.

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My guild just started progression on him last week.


We are currently working on transitioning into phase 2, so I've currently only been able to do the Leap during transition in terms of Lock specific role.  We are not yet far enough into Phase 2 for my next Balcony assignment.


Placing your portal at one of the two stack points in phase 1 is handy, as if you get picked for mark during a Demo and have to hang back, half the time you will be able to then instantly port to the group and not be mad dashing through a bunch of crap to catch up to the group.


So far I've found that solo with Darksoul, 3 CW does not reliably take out the pack... which shocks me given my gear level.     Based on Crit/MS hits, I usually have 1-3 sitting at 5% hp when my stun wears off.  So far, its not an issue as ToC quickly cleans them up.. but every video I've watched of locks clearing those adds they all die, every time..  I may need to bank a bit of extra fury and toggle on Immolation, I am sure a few ticks from that will help ensure they all die to the 3rd CW. 

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Glyph of Demonic Portal is your friend, means it is up for every Demolition.


If you're doing a second balcony solo (I sometimes go up with 3rd smash and wait for adds to spawn) Dark Regeneration + Glyph of Healthstone is a very nice cooldown to have.


In p3 resist the urge to dump everything straight away. You shouldn't be lusting til the Falling Debris are soaked anyway, but try to line up as much as you can under 20%, so the Doomguard x2 + DS + Potion can wreck the boss. You should rocket up the meters on boss damage here. Make sure to place demonic portal just before you get hit by Mark of Death to instantly port back (better than Demonic Leap) and just go ham with Soul Fire.


A tip for your raid is that p3 really isn't a DPS check anymore. If you wipe it will be because 1) Falling Debris didn't get soaked properly and you ran out of room, 2) Someone didn't move out with Marked for Death, 3) Someone fucked up with bombs and killed people.


We had like 8 wipes in p3 before we killed it (pre nerf) and I want to say that 5 of them would have been the kill had our debris soaking team not fucked up. Make sure that even if you are assigned people to certain areas, that they don't spread out too early. Quite often 2 or even 3 debris will spawn in one quadrant. If your mage blinks out to his assigned location as soon as he hits the ground he's a retard.

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Thank you Liquidsteel.


Awesome tips holy moly :D


in p1 if your teleporting to the end position of the run wont you risk having a big pile spawning on there instead of on the way around, or is the chance to little since the majority of the grp will be running?


thanks again :)

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