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[Balance] DPS Critique on Mythic Thogar

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You're not getting double trinket proc on every pull which leads me to believe that someone is either ninjapulling or you're doing your opener wrong. Always precast something with a cast time, so that your trinkets proc before actually entering combat. Starsurge, Wrath or both of them works for this purpose. Don't precast Starfire. 


You're waiting with your cooldowns for the Man-at-arms to spawn. I wouldn't do that, the first Man-at-arms is never a problem. Also tell your raid to use Heroism on pull, there is absolutely no reason to delay it, even for progress.


How are you handling multidotting? Are you tracking your dots on several targets at once? To me your multidotting seems rather random. On the first Man-of-arms you cast the following in succession:

Sunfire on Thogar

Sunfire on Firemender

Sunfire on random add

Sunfire on random add

Sunfire on Firemender

Sunfire on Man-at-arms

Sunfire on Thogar


As you can see you wasted a whole lot of GCD during your Celestial Alignment to dot random target or refresh your dots way too early. First of all, don't dot the random adds, it's a waste. Secondly, use your boss frames to target the right targets. Once Man-at-arms spawn, click on his boss frame and dot him first, then dot the Firemender, switch back to the Man-at-arms and single target nuke him while maintaining dots on all of your 3 targets (Thogar, Firemender, Man-at-arms) and 100% uptime on Starfall until they die. If you have trouble keeping track on your dots use a weakaura. To track your Moonfire duration on for example Man-at-arms, use an aura trigger for Moonfire and set Specific Unit -> "boss2" and check "Own only".


Where is your second potion?


2 minutes and 13 seconds into Wipe 8 you cast Starsurge 3 times in a row on Thogar. Don't overwrite your empowerment buffs. 


You always use Stampeding Roar and Displacer Beast together. There are usually 2 fires to run through. Run through the first, then blink through the second or vice versa. Don't waste your blink when you have stampede up. 


And then one last thing, never let your dots fall off the boss. You should have 99%+ uptime on both Moonfire and Sunfire. They're as low as 85% on some of the pulls. You can refresh your dots when they have 30% or less duration without any penalty, the remaining duration is just added to the new dot. For Moonfire this is at or below 12 seconds, for Sunfire this is at or below 7.2 seconds.

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Hey Stru,

did a quick look into your Kill-logs from Thogar. Sry got not much time for extended analysis but heres what I found:

(I did compared your 1stkill log to my firstkill log where I did 48k DPS)


- I disagree Shedim with Bloodlust. Ofc you can do BL at bosspull. Would be a nice DPS burst. But if your guild needs that extra DPS in this moment later at 05:08 to quickly kill all the big adds, then its fine. My guild does also hit BL at this point.

- You did way too less Starfire cast. Starfire was only cast 46 times. I had 77 and my fight was 30 secs faster then yours.

- You very often fall below 20k dps. Try to keep casting as much as possible

- please use the 2nd INC/CA combination in Lunar, not Solar

- as Shedim said, keep Dots up (SF only had 91%) and track them


Good Luck Stru :)

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