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Howdy Folks,


  I'm a Destruction lock, and my DPS blows.  I can't even break 10k, and I do not know why.


I DL'd the Warcraft logs client, but I don't really want to go into somebodies raid and ruin their day.  I tried to make a log from the target dummy, but it just keeps showing 'No fights'.


Is there a way to get target dummy fights to show?  Or do I just have to get into LFR and stink up the place?




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Hi Argent,


Yes you can record combat dummy logs but like Locky said I really recommend going into LFR. A boss fight is so different to combat dummies and we can then help you better. Often people are AFK so if you do anything, even if totally wrong, it's an improvement. You will not be ruining anyones' day at all, LFR is there for practising etc I go in a lot on different characters and I believe it was originally made so non-raiders can see the content so there is no pressure to perform. 


Ok, just check that you are logging right before you go and please also make sure you have advanced logging enabled as it helps a lot to see your resources and when the boss enters execute. 


If you are on the EU realms and still struggling with the confidence I'm offering to come with you (assuming that we can group up). Anyhow, let me know and looking forward to us helping you with your logs.



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