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H Blast Furnace Help

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So my guild just started on Heroic Blast Furnace this week and man, is it crazy!


After a bit of bomb management, we have a clean phase 1, ending mere seconds before the third set of bellows operators come down.  


Our problem comes to phase 2.  As soon as we transition into phase 2, we move the adds over to the side with the Foreman, finish off any engineers and get cracking with the primal elementalists.  


Attached is the logs for the 18th;




And, I'm pretty sure we just don't have enough dps going out.  I'm not sure if this is because I scolded them for padding meters and made everyone think single target and now not enough cleave is going out, or we're prioritizing the adds wrong.


We ran with 18 most of the night, with two tanks, monk and druid, me on resto druid, a resto shaman and two discs.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, Airent.

Well, I went a bit through your logs and looks like you are right. Your dps is extremely low for this boss.

I made a filter on WCL for BF Heroic with the same setup you have (18-man with 4 healers and average raid ilvl 676-687) and chose pretty long fights - about 11 min (meaning that dps in these raids was pretty average).

Then I chose only phase 2 for every fight to be able to compare real numbers (because you didn't make it to the P3).

You can see the filter here and specific kills here, here and here.


The difference between your raid DPS(e) and these random examples in phase 2 is almost 30%.

315,8K vs 475,6K/468,0K/442,1K 


I see a warlock doing 21K dps, a rogue with 18K, two hunters doing 40K dps while the other two only 25K...

I'm not sure that having most of raiders doing less then 30K dps will allow you to get a kill.

It maybe that not that you are prioritizing wrong target but rather you don't have enough dps to kill Elementalists in time --> getting overwhelmed by adds damage.


I don't understand frankly what for are you using 3 tanks - the boss mechanics do not need it. Or it's some kind of a bug - you are writing about two tanks but the logs show three (+BDK).


I can talk a bit about healing in your raid though.

Your healing done is always lower than actual damage taken. If you'll compare your log (main page: Summary - on the graph leave only Damage Taken and Healing Done lines) to the others I posted, you'll see the difference.


There are two reasons for it: one - you are too slow on killing things so your healers are overwhelmed, two - your healers are not shining - their spells, talents and personal CDs usage are not optimal - especially of one of the discs and the shaman. 

I wouldn't start to dissect them right away because it's much more important for your raid now to fix the dps issues.


Maybe you should just approach your low dps one by one and check with them what's wrong. Or they can ask for help here on class forums if it feels better.


If you have any further questions, feel free to ask smile.png

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