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[US - Deathwing][H] <Thunder Billies> BRF: 2/10 M, healers and dps

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Thunder Billies:

The Thunder Billies are looking to grow our raid team for continued Mythic raiding in Warlords of Draenor. We are currently most interested in ranged DPS and healers (Emphasis on Healers), but we will consider exceptional players of any class. If interested, contact one of our officers in game or apply on our forums at

Our Officers:

Schmeebs (Schmeebs#1804)

About us:

The Thunder Billies are a Horde guild on Deathwing (and now Shattered Halls/Kalecgos/Executus). The guild formed in December of 2004 and we have raided together consistently for almost 10 years. Our roster is experienced and includes many Vanilla and BC veterans. Even with a casual schedule of only two nights per week, we have been clearing heroic raid content since it was first introduced and would like to continue doing so. We were 14/14H in Siege of Orgrimmar 10-man and have enjoyed success in our raids in WoD (Currently 2/7 Mythic Highmaul and 10/10 Heroic BRF)

Outside of raiding, our members enjoy both rated and casual PVP, challenge modes, dungeons, and just messing around on alts. You'd also be hard pressed to find a guild on the server with more guild achievement points. We also have many members that play other games (LoL, Battlefield, you name it). We have our own hosted Forums and Mumble server with plenty of room for various activities.

Loot System:

We use a Loot Council-esque system (we call it the 'don't be an !@#' system) and strive to spread loot around to people. Many of the members have been raiding for a long time, so pixels aren't our main focus, good times with guild members are more of the priority.

Raiding Schedule:

We raid Tuesday night at 6 PM server (Pacific) and Sunday night at 5:30 PM (Pacific). Raids usually end by 9 Pacific to be kind to our East Coast members. If you'd like to raid Mythic content with us, we ask for consistent attendance so we don't have to carry a large bench and sit lots of people out regularly. We don't expect 100%, but if you have to miss more than a couple of raids every few months on a regular basis, we're probably not the right guild for you.

What We Provide:

Repairs: Stipend of Repairs for members funded by the guild bank.
Consumables: Feasts Provided by the guild.
Guild Environment: 18+ Atmosphere, a majority of our members have graduated/attending college.
Alt Runs: Every Friday night we have an optional Alt/Normal Run that is fun times for all.

Class Needs:
We are currently most in need of:
DPS, considering all classes
Healers (Preferably Resto Shaman, Monk, Paladin)

All Exceptional Applicants are Encouraged to Apply

Gear requirements we ask you at least be in mostly Normal BRF/Heroic Highmaul Gear (665-670).


If you like what you have heard or just have questions, feel free to contact me in game on Deathwing or through a PM on these forums.
Or apply on our forums:

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      Redridge Retirementhome | Emerald Dream-EU | 3 Night | 7/7 M EN and 2/3 M ToV 3/10 M NH  - In need of ranged + healer
      If you are an exceptional player who cannot make the hustle and bustle of a Hardcore raiding guild, but still want progress, then we are the guild for you. Exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of current needs.
      Raid Times EU server time:
      Wednesday: 21.00-24.00
      Sunday: 21.00-24.00
      Monday: 21.00-24.00
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      Balance Druid
      Shadow Priest
      Holy Paladin
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      Class Knowledge:
      That you can play your class/roles at an high level and always pushing yourself to improve and become even better all the time.
      We expect you to come prepared to new encounters. This includes watching videos of the encounters if possible, otherwise read about them. This also includes bringing potions, flasks, food and runes to the raids.
      We're using Discord for voice communication during raids and we expect all raiders to be present with a microphone and headphones during raids.
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      Here's some quick Info:
      Server - Silvermoon
      Faction - Alliance
      Raid Times - Tuesday and Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 
      Optional Raid Times - Most Sundays from 20:00 to 22:00 (Normal Nighthold atm But likely to change to HC when we get into mythic on Tuesdays and Thursdays).
      Loot System - RCLootCouncil for Heroic/Mythic, Personal Loot for Optional Raid.
      Our Forum -
      In terms of Progress we've cleared Emerald Nightmare 3/7 Mythic, Trial of Valor 3/3 Heroic and The Nighthold 8/10 Heroic
      We're mainly Looking to recruit the following:
      Healers: 1-2
      1 Mage, Fire or Arcane
      1 Warlock, Aflliction or Demonology
      1 Balance Druid, preferably with a resto offspec
      1 Shadow Priest
      2-3 People of the following classes:
      Rogue, Monk, Warrior and Shaman
      Our requirements for raiding are the following:
      - 880+ ilvl 
      - 40+ ap lvl in your raiding spec. 
      - Headset with a microphone and Discord for raid
      - Age 18+ 
      - An open mind:) We like to have a fun and friendly tone in general.
      What you can expect from us:
      A funny but serious atmosphere when raiding, we like to get stuff done when we raid!:)
      Positive reinforcement, we don't call out people for making mistakes, and if someone has issues with a boss mechanic or anything class related we try our best to be helpful
      A friendly environment in the guild, if you bring a good attitude you will be treated as a friend:)
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      Glitzh#2266 Our raidleader/recruitment officer
      TheDwemerNO#2390 Our lootmaster/recruitment officer
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      Blooded is an established guild, with a friendly and dedicated team
      Blooded has been raiding as a team since the early history of the guild, we focus on progression but make sure we also have room for good fun and friendly bantering. Though the team over the years has seen some changes, it has a good and solid core of players that provides a solid foundation to build on. 
      Everyone in the guild is equally respected, regardless of rank. No one is more important and we don't like drama. Bad attitude in /g or /ra is not tolerated. 
      Bad jokes is however a completely different matter.
      Our current progression is 7/7 M EN - 3/3 HC ToV - 9/10 HC NH
      We are now looking for like minded players willing to progress at a good pace, along with the rest of our raiding members.
      Requirements for Nighthold:
      You have at least some Nighthold experience, no need for a full clear though. You have gear to match the experience (min ilvl 880).  Your gear has the best gems/enchants. You are available for 75%+ of all raids. You feel ready, able and have the patience to deal with progression. You are over 18 years of age, or very close to that and super mature.
        Spots open for:
      1 Ranged DPS 1-2 Melee DPS Other classes are still considered as long as the requirements are fulfilled. (No tanks)
      If you're looking for a friendly atmosphere while putting in 100% focus in raids, this may very well be the place for you. We also welcome couples or small groups of friends as long as you understand that you all need to reach the requirements and be able to keep up in raids.
      Raid times are:
      Thursday 20:00 - 23:00
      Sunday 20:00 - 23:00
      Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00
      Alt run Wednesdays.
      We run with personal loot, any traded loot is distributed using RClootcouncil. As a trial you should not expect to get decked out in loot the first week.
      If you're interested you're welcome to add one of the battletags for a quick chat.
      Jaket1#2575 (GM)
      Overkill#2363 (Recruitment manager)
      Or check the forum
      Have a nice wow day !!
    • By Syrkxion
      A newly formed guild on Frostmane consisting of members from the late Spaceship which managed 6/10 HC before disbanding.

      What are we looking for? 
      We are looking to form our first core team for raiding, aiming for at least 2-3-9. This means we currently need 2 Tanks, 3 Healers and some DPS, however we will accept any new members as of now. All social members are welcome as well.

      We hope that we can quickly clear NH with the new team and then complete curve for NH.

      Raid days: 
      Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - 8pm until 11pm Server time (7pm-10pm GMT)

      What Else? 
      Alongside raiding we also aim to help newer players, complete weekly mythic dungeons, casual PvP and just chill in a friendly and helpful environment.

      If you are interested in joining, please contact either Syrkxion-Frostmane or Luan-Frostmane for an invite or more information!