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Only Pros Allowed[deck]

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Hello guys ı played for a while and ı decided to dust all my cards and craft dr.boom (genius) now ı have only these cards down bellow 



Legendaries; Dr.Boom , The Black Knight , Sneed's Old Shredder , Maexxna


Epics: Faceless Manipulator , Lightbomb


Rares: Savagery , Metaltooth Leaper , Unstable Portal , Soot Spewer , Shadow Madness , One-eyed Cheat , Power Mace , Shieldmaiden , Nerubian Egg x2

Commons: Loot Hoarder , Mad Bomber , Nerub'ar Weblord , Stonesplinter Trogg Flying Machine , Ogre Brute , Scarlet Crusader , Spider Tank x2 , Burly Rockjaw Trogg , Cult Master , Lost Tallstrider , Piloted Shredder x2 , Salty Dog , Windfurry Harpy , Force-Tank MAX



Thats all ı got pls help for good deck

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I would suggest you check out the "Basic" decks listed on this website for a good starting point. You can then swap out some of the cards to improve them. Dr. Boom is an obvious inclusion, but your two Spider Tanks and Piloted Shredders will also fit nicely in any deck. The first month I started playing Hearthstone I got up to rank 15 using basic decks similar to the ones Sottle created for this website. They're obviously not meant to be top-tier decks, but for those without extensive card collections they are solid and will allow you to be competitive at the higher ranks (meaning rank 15-25).


You can also play Arena to build up your collection. Arena may not have the same glamour as ranked play, but it's a lot of fun and will put you on an even playing field as those with larger card collections.

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