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[Restoration] Regrowth + Swiftmend vs. Rejuvenation

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( this is repost from my post on WoW forums (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14628514284) so I apologize if some explanations assume that reader is unaware of the underlying things)


Hello fellow resto druids!

I couldn't find a comparison between regrowth + swiftmend combo (spec: Soul of the Forest + Rampant Growth; likely also Dream of Cenarius) and Rejuvenation (spec: Germination), so I tried to make my own.

My gear ilvl is 677 and my procs are spirit and crit (i.e. they don't affect direct numbers, so easy to test). I'm heavily biased toward crit (gems and enchants) for Soul of the Forest/Rampant Growth/Dream of Cenarius spec (I know this goes against the established wisdom).

I'm wondering whether I should re-consider my healing style -- hence this analysis.

I would like your input on better Rejuvenation stats (e.g. from those who actually gear for haste/mastery) so I can compare better + I would appreciate if you'd double-check my logic & math below.

The numbers I list below are unbuffed except for MotW. They are also double-checked in game (for actual healing done; for mana cost I rely solely on tooltips, so if they lie there -- oops).

Perhaps I should start with explaining Regrowth + Swiftmend combo as it is not often used. Soul of the Forest talent makes your Swiftmend to increase next Regrowth healing by 100% (+ other things irrelevant here) -- via 15 sec buff. Rampant Growth talent makes your Swiftmend consume your HoT (e.g. from Regrowth) but at the same time it no longer has cooldown and heals for 20% more.

So with these two talents you can spam non-stop 100% buffed Regrowth + Swiftmend combo. For this reason you must NOT glyph Regrowth as it'll remove HoT component that Swiftmend needs.

Dream of Cenarius talent buffs your Wrath damage by 20% and makes it smart-heal a friendly target.

Also for the sake of easier math I'm going to assume 20% crit rate (with +5% buff I'm 19.50+% which is close enough smile.png).

So on to the spells breakdown then!

5962 mana 17 452 healing; 60+20=80% crit

with Soul of the Forest buff:
34 904 normal healing, 71 204 crit healing, 35 602 Living Seed on crit

4160 mana 33 728 healing
crit: 68 805

Regrowth + Swiftmend combo
5962 + 4160 = 10122 mana

on average one of the Regrowth or Swiftmend will crit per combo (16% chance no crit, 16% chance both crit, 68% chance one of them crits); their values are very close, but to be very exact for the case when one of them crits average healing:

104 932 x 0.8 (Regrowth crit chance) + 103 709 * 0.2 (Swiftmend crit chance) = 104 687

On average combo will also create ~35 000 Living Seed (from one crit).

w/o living seed
mana-to-hp ratio: 10.34
gcd-to-hp ratio: 52 343

w/ living seed:
mana-to-hp ratio: 13.80
gcd-to-hp ratio: 69 843

Wrath (takes 1 + 1/3 gcd to cast)
13607-17495 damage
healing x 1.5

23326 healing
x 1.2 (for crit) = 27 991 healing

mana-to-hp ratio: infinite
gcd-to-hp ratio: 20 993 (1 + 1/3 gcd per cast)

3024 mana 25 732 listed healing 24 634 actual healing (yes, tooltip lies, doesn't understand partial tick)
ticks: 6x 3676 + 2578

w/ Germination talent
29 408 listed healing 28 826 actual healing
ticks: 7x 3676 + 3094

w/ Germination and Harmony buff
34832 listed healing, 34 135 actual healing
7x 4353 + 3664
x 1.2 (for crit) = 40 962

ideal situation (requires maintaining harmony which may lower these stats):
mana-to-hp ratio: 13.55
gcd-to-hp ratio: 40 962

Like mentioned above, I'd really like input from someone of my ilvl or close who specs into haste/mastery -- what are your stats for Rejuvenation (and what's your crit%?).

Finally an interesting model of what you can do over 10 GCDs.

10x Rejuvenation
30 240 mana
409 620 healing
mana-to-hp ratio: 13.55

3x Wrath + 3x Regrowth/Swiftmend combo:
30 366 mana
314 061 (combo) + 83 973 (wrath) = 398 034
mana-to-hp ratio: 13.11

+ 105 000 (living seed) = 503 034
mana-to-hp ratio: 16.57

So, should I change from my 'combo' spec to the 'rejuvenation' spec?

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I replied on the wow forum, but if you have other logs post them here so I can have a look through them


From a quick look at it, it doesnt seem viable in the slightest, But I'd have to look through actual play logs to see how it works out


EDIT: Go Into a bit more detail


Lets say your swiftmend+regrowth both crit, who are you possibly needing to heal for 150k every 3s + the sheer spirit you would need to spam that constantly is somewhat ridic even if you were casting wrath inbetween


I Did run DOC/Germ/ITOL For ALL Of Progression, To avoid wiping due to lack of mana (& Still managed to go oom) Although from the logs I linked on the forum you were 8 healing 30man & at similar ilvl I was 3 healing 20m and 5 healing 30m

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