Need some advice for gearing Prot Warrior.

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My armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/misha/Klique/simple


1. What types of gems should I be using. AskMrRobot says stam, but the guide here says stam is bad.


2. Weapons: I have a heroic Taner's Terrible Spine and a heroic Kromog's Brutal Fist. Both are just regular heroic 685s. Which should I be using?


3. Trinkets: I am currently using a heroic warforged Blast Furnace Door, and a heroic Tablet of Turnbuckle Teamwork. I also have a heroic Pillar of Earth and a 4/4 Knights Badge.

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1. I'd recommend mastery. The amount of stam you get per gem is not as beneficial as the amount of mastery from a gem, especially in BRF where most damage is physical.


2. I'd say to stick with the Spine since the amount of crit you can get from a BiS setup is low.


3. Take the Tablet and the Pillar. You can also swap the BFD for the Tablet. They're roughly equal. I like having the static mastery for things like Inferno Strike or Blade Dash and the on-use nature of the Tablet makes it an extra CD. However, the Door is a strong option as well. The Pillar is to boost your stam primarily. Warriors just don't have enough native stam right now and the Pillar helps close that gap without giving up too much. Having the Tablet and the Pillar also make mastery gems and the Spine weapon better choices since you'll have plenty of stam and plenty of static mastery.

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