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Ilvl 659 Arcane Mage struggling to get DPS Need help!

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I am an ilvl 659 Arcane Mage and I am struggling to get 12-14k DPS. I am using a rotation but still no help. Please take a look at my rotation below and maybe leave some tips or help please! If my DPS doesn't go up, my guild will kick me.


Opening Sequence

Rune of Power
Intellect Potion
Arcane blast to 1.5 sec casts until 3 Arcane Missles
Prismatic Crystal
4 stacks arcane charge
Arcane Power
Supernova x2
Conserve Phase

Rune of Power
4x Arcane blast
Arcane missles when 4 stacks Arcane Charge
Arcane Barrage at 4 stacks Arcane Charge
Burn Phase(After Opening and at 40%)

Arcane Blast to under 50%

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