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A fake media player

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Do you guys encouter some pop-up web pages that recommed you to update or install a media player? Are these pages are believable? Today I opend the Chrome and a page "" popped up. I was informed that that a play should be installed onto PC so as to improve browser performance. I couldn't prove that whther the page is legitimate. But I found a page saying that the pop-up page is adware. What do you think of the pop-up page? Should I install the media player?

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Yes be very careful. Trust me I have worked on computer for several years, and I cant tell you how many times spy/malware attacks have been caused by adds like these. There are various other "spoof" pop up ads, like one for Adobe Flash / shockwave updates. ONLY update thoes from the site itsself. Quickly ignore any popup adds that say "WARNING your (such and such) is out of date!" Evenif it says there is a security risk. I dont care if they say your computer will morph into a bomb, dont click them.  *edit* Dont forget about Avast! Free edition anti-virus. It should be almost all you need aside from Spyhunter and CCcleaner. The malware you can get from the popup adds and other fake "updates" can be pretty nasty to get rid of if you aren't familiar with them.

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