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How much spirit are you at?

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I was wondering how much spirit is enough before you stop dropping it on gear for better stats? Im at 1500ish and it seems fine.  Thanks.

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Well, it's highly depend on the encounters you are doing, your healing style and your knowing of fights and mechanics.


For example, I don't use Spirit gear at all: not in hard Spirit, no procs or enchants (have only legendary ring with Spirit).

I prefer to use mana pots and just to perfect my healing skills and knowing of encounters: to heal exactly when needed, whom needed and for the amount needed.

Speaking honestly, it can't be always as simple as that, so I keep in my backpack a spare weapon with a Spirit enchant, a cloak and a couple of trinkets with Spirit procs for the progress encounters, but my intention is not to have Spirit on the gear and to put everything to Intelect and throughput.

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