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Minmaxing Enhancement DPS

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Hi guys, me again with some rotation related questions, as always I'm just trying to maximise my dps.

1) When using an EotE/UF setup, is it worth using a 1-stack LL (for mastery/crit/multistrike/ring procs) and SS (for crit/multistrike/ring procs, since SS is not affected by mastery) over Frost Shock (and possibly a MSW >=1 LB)


2) Is there a rule of thumb for hardcasting LB? Currently I'm just hardcasting when I have a MW >=1, 1 stack on LL and SS, and both UE and Frost Shock are on cooldown. I refrain from hardcasting during Ascendance however, as my gut tells me I might see more damage from the armor shredding AA's that Ascendance provides?


3) I would love to know the optimal AoE rotation for 2 of the following situations:

a ) A pack of mobs that needs to die asap, so AoE is more important than ST. I'm currently doing something like.. FS, LL, FN, UE, SS, then use CL whenever at MW5 and use a rotation similar to the single target EotE rotation, only bumping FN, UE and MW5 CL (respectively) above LL2. I don't know if this is optimal however :/

b ) There is several mobs, (maybe a boss and any number of adds), and I want to maximise my dps on the boss. In other words, I care not about meter padding (let's say for the sake of argument the ads pose no threat and could in theory remain untouched by any other player, except the ones that - like enhancement - may get increased ST dps because of the large amount of ads.


I hope my questions make sense and thanks in advance!


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