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beginner...affliction lock

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so I'm really a beginner and would very much to...how to put it somewhat elegantly. ..not suck, as an affiliate lock.

I read the guide here and even downloaded and installed the elvui.

Reading the guide, I get a sense of what I should be doing. In practice though, I feel as though things are chaotic.

among other things...

how do folks manage to keep track of all the dots ticking on their targets. Sure the up shows them but when you have multiple enemies, bow do you manage that? I struggle with this, sometimes even against single targets.

when approaching a random mob, is it wise to use soul burn and then soul swap to instantly put all the dots on an enemy while then placing them one at a time on other enemies?

The guide is oriented towards raiding which I get as most of you are world beaters. However for us older, slower, more casual and predominantly solo players....what talents, glyphs, and builds might you suggest? I imagine I'll be playing solo for a while, then maybe some 5 dungeons, and perhaps raid finder. Still I'm drawn to soloing. ...I know it's an mom but there are too many morons that spoil the fun and lead me to solo. I figure if I can learn to play the class decently then I can always grow into raiding.

As for why I chose the affected lock class...it just feels the most warlock - is to me with all the curses and dots. I've never tried the other specs but they strike me as being more akin to mages.

Again the goal is to be solid, mostly solo but dabble in casual dungeons/raids and have fun.

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Keep in mind that if you're playing as casual as it sounds like you will be playing, it doesn't really matter how good or bad you are. Just have fun with it.


DoTs on single-target are easy to keep track of if you have some WeakAuras or a more simple addon like AffDots: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/affdots


Multi-Target can get tricky sometimes, how I normally do it is just apply dots to target 1, then 2, 3, 4, back to targeting #1. When DoTs are running low on #1 I know that if I then go in order again that things will be dotted up right.


Talents, glyphs, etc are basically the same as raiding. 

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