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[Balance] I'm doing half the dps I should be.

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I've read over the entire guide multiple times. Watched a lot of videos. Talked with another boomkin that does almost double my dps with lower ilvl and I can't figure out how to improve. 


Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/hHZYbakpRKB3QPDj#fight=1&view=rankings


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuljin/Saryx/simple


I have my BIS weapon and Trinkets too. But my dps is stuck 30-36k

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I took a quick look at the logs, although admittedly I'm no expert on logs nor balance druid.


The biggest problem all in all I'd say is your choice of talents - Soul of the Forest is worse than Incarnation: Chosen of Elune in any fight with even a little bit of movement. Even in the fights where Soul of the Forest is better, I don't really see much of a reason to use it. Also from what research I've done, Euphoria is the talent of choice for the level 100 tier of talents for every fight except Iron Maidens in brf - now I don't know what talents you used for which fights, because as I said, I'm not an expert on logs.


Looking at the Darmac kill the biggest problem I see is that you don't really multidot the spears. Also your starfall uptime is fairly poor from what I can tell. However keeping starfall up the entire fight might be less than ideal depending on if the spears die quickly and whatnot.


Generally your dot uptimes aren't where the should be, focus more on that. Also, at least on Ka'graz, you used starfall quite a few times - I don't think the wolves + the dude at the start stay up for 100 seconds total during the fight.


What seems good however is your Starsurge proc usage; you don't seem to be missing a lot of procs on the fights where I did the math. I don't know how to check if you overwrite your lunar/solar empowerment buffs though, so I can't really comment on that.


Sorry if this post wasn't helpful, I've never really done this sort of thing before :P

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I appreciate any and all feedback! I recently swapped back to incarnation due to everyone saying it's better. I originally chose SotF because it was completely passive. I'll definitely work on that dot uptime. Transitioning from feral to balance is a little difficult because i have to relearn the ranged mechanics. Melee hardly have any in BRF.

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I definitely know what you mean, I myself rerolled from mw/ww monk to balance druid due to joining a new guild. Having not played a ranged DPS since Wrath, I had to both learn the fights themselves as ranged and maximizing dps as a caster. Maximizing your time spent casting is crucial, I don't really know how to check that in logs though so I won't comment on how you're doing in that department.


I found good addons, specifically  helped with balance druid immensely though - what kind of a setup are you running, as far as tracking dots, procs, cd's and balance energy go? I personally found http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1589841-WA2-Eclipse-Bar-Enhanced-Lappee-amp-Cyous to be a good setup, and I added some things of my own to it, such as a Starfall bar that shows the remaining duration.

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A couple of things to mention as I've progressed 5 bosses as a boomkin:


1. Overal dps does not matter as much as directed damage.

2. You can either do good ST dps, or good AOE dps. You can't have both.


As for beastlord:


Yes, you did end up last in dps charts with 34k dps, but this is the chart that matters:


Expecially this part:



Now in order to maximise this you have to utilize your CA. Fight lasted 9 mins+, you used CA 4 times, and did not have it on BL. 


As Rake asked - you may not have it tracked effectively. You have to make your UI comfortable. Mine looks like this:


Screenshot doesn't show everything, but it's good enough. I've got all dots/CD's/procs tracked as well as my eclipse bar. What screen misses is that I've got a cast and gcd bars below eclipse bar. So I (almost) never have to look down to my action bars. I'm not saying that my setup is good for everyone, but if you want I can share it. Or make sth with similar functionality.


I've also took a look at gruul. It is "training dummy" fight. I've looked at first 2 mins 10 secs.


First things first - I think you did sth wrong with your opener. The one that I'm using is:


-3.0 secs Incarnation

Prepot + starsurge

trinkets + racials + CA + moonfire

Starfall x2




If you're not at max range - play it safe, go with 2.5 instead of 3.0.


Furthermore dot uptime should be 99.5%. No excuses. Grull is easiest boss to do such thing. And do it!


You used starfall 3 times. Someone correct me if I'm wrong - but that's a dps loss. This is pure single target. Solar empowerment > starfall.


Next one is starsurge. You had 3 at pull, 4 recharges in 2 mins, and 10 procs. It totals at 17. You used 12 starsurges and wasted 3 procs on starfall. It totals 15.


And lastly, as it is not a dps gain, it effectively helps you to survive. You are getting 3 slices, then boss goes bananas smashing stuff, then it resets. What I've found effective is:

1 slice - Barkskin

2 slice - Nature's Vigilance. Do it BEFORE the slice. Like 10~15 secs before. It makes sure you're topped before, and helps you to negate dot effect afterwards.

3 slice - Barkskin.


This things to work on for now. After you work out these things - ask for recheck. If you want more info how to deal with mechanics as a boomie - ask for specific fights. 

Good luck and have fun flapping, my fellow owl :) 

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