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Patch 6.2 Preview - Ashran Updates

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Patch 6.2 will bring updates and additions to the PvP zone, Ashran, including new quests and a whole new underground excavation area. Faction bosses and events will provide Honor in 6.2, while the new quests will be the source of Conquest points going forward.


Here are the complete details:


In Patch 6.2, Warlords of Draenor’s PvP zone Ashran is getting some new quests and an eerie new area to explore. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll encounter on the glorious battlefield between Warspear and Stormshield.


Warning: Here be spoilers!


New Quests


Faction bosses and events will no longer reward Conquest points after Patch 6.2, but will continue to reward Honor points and strongboxes. To fill your pockets with lots of Conquest points going forward, you’ll want to pick up and complete these new quests:

  • Slay Them All! – A weekly quest to rack up 200 honor kills for a reward of 200 Conquest points.
  • Ashran Dominance – Rewards 500 Conquest points when you kill the enemy faction boss and win five events—also weekly.
  • Continue the Domination – A repeatable quest that unlocks after Ashran Dominance is completed. Rewards 500 Conquest points when you kill the enemy faction boss and win five events.



This is new. What could be going on in here?


Meanwhile, Belloc Brightblade and Harrison Jones have followed the siren-like call of a new artifact being unearthed in Ashran. They each offer a quest leading you to fight your way into a new section of the zone. . . . 


A New Area


The Ashran Excavation has been revealed, and its unearthly inhabitants are none too pleased about the presence of you and other visitors.


Once you enter the Ashran Excavation, you’ll find yourself inside a very large underground area. Similar to other parts of Ashran, a competitive event is randomly triggered in the area. When the event begins, your goal is to collect Apexis Marks of Redemption by taking down the Arakkoa ghosts that haunt the depths.




Later on, you can tell all the ghost stories you want.


Somewhere in this underground labyrinth, you’ll find a ghost named Rukmaz—one of the few entities here who doesn’t want to kill you on sight. He’s a collector of Marks of Redemption, and he’s waiting to award victory over the Ashran Excavation to whichever faction turns in 50 Marks first.



Rukmaz doesn’t like being called “the friendly ghost”.




There’s a lot going on in Ashran, and if you haven’t fully explored Draenor’s sprawling PvP zone yet, you might want to check out Wowhead’s Ashran Reputations Guide and their Comprehensive Ashran Guide by HelloKitty.  Enemy players are in there right now, just waiting for you to kill them.

Want to get a first look at the next patch for yourself? Join us on the Patch 6.2 Public Test Realm, and share your thoughts and opinions on everything coming to World of Warcraft in our PTR General Discussion forum. If you find a bug while testing, let us know about it in our PTR Bug Report forum.



Will you be starting - or continuing - to enjoy Ashran in 6.2? Are these changes a positive? Let us know what you think.

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