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Boomkim dps rotation help! Mythic Gruul

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Hey people, able to help me out improving my dps? Here is from my guild's Gruul fight. Died near the end and forgot to use second pot. 



Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/PWGz8Ht7Zgn6fr3h#fight=32&type=damage-done&source=124


-3.5 sec: Inc+pot

-1 sec: Starsurge

Pull : MF+Racial

1 sec: starfire etc


Thank you so much for any help and pointers!


EDIT: To help anyone wondering if they should answer this. Here is some additional questions tp help you get started:

- Sometimes I pop SS when on Lunar Eclipse which makes me cast starfire on the way down. Should I just wait and pop SS on the way up in Solar if im close to capping?
- Am I using SS too much and starving myself? should I always wait to use it when I'm entering lunar or when im close to capping? Are there other points, except for when movement is necessary, that I should use them as well? 

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