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It is worth to reforge mastery instead.

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As the title above, my latency always at 280ms~350ms everyday. There no such way to improve my latency even though I change to higher speed internet connection. So I been thinking, should I reforge to mastery instead (for retribution palladin ) because 1 sec different in executing skills, didn't make any different at all for me. Sorry for my poor English.

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Mastery is low on the priority list for a ret paladin. . . but as far as reforging the answer is yes you probably should reforge your stats accordingly. If your latency is stable the game client accounts for a decent amount of the delay and you should still see results from having things like crit and mastery reforged to your more desired stats. So you will want to get your hit to 7.5% and expertise to 7.5% then whatever you can get your haste to should be fine.

Also your ping is only delaying things by about 1/3 of a second so overall not awful for this type of game. Some people are able to play well even up to 1500ms ping. . . the big thing is if your latency jumps randomly while you play. Then you will have major problems as the client wants a stable latency over a low latency connection. You may find you have some problems with arena's or roles where split second decisions count like healing for instance but as DPS I would not see any problems.

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