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Holy low HPS help

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I had been playing Disc, but the guild has a Disc, so I was asked to play Holy. I read content here, MMO-Champ, H2P, etc., and thought I had a good idea of what to do. However, my HPS are much lower than I think they should be.




I was wanting to discuss, for example this past Tuesday's clear and BRFN-Blackhand, where damage is pretty steady and over-heals would probably be minimal. My thinking in "rotation", was to use PoM on CD, CoH on CD, renew filler and to reduce the CD for CoH in Sanctuary stance, during high damage phases I had macro'd PI and PoH, which in a perfect world, would let be get 8 PoH off during PI.

Here is a previous BRFH-Blackhand we wiped 6 times on, came back another and killed him. I need to learn from where I messed up here too.



I was advised on MMO-Champ to drop PoH (which runs counter to advice here and by another Hpriest I respect), and stick with Renew, BH, and CoH. I was advised to drop PI and get ToF, and to replace my Glyph of Deep Wells with Glyph of CoH. I was told PoH wasn't worth casting without Serendipity, and If I were going to use PoH, I should only do it after a couple BH casts for the buff. So unbuff PoH, I would get 8 PoH during PI, or I could get 3 cycles of BH+BH+PoH off during a PI. Since the Glyphed BH only benefits 3 players, is it better to buff the 3 PoH I could get off or just stick with spamming the 8 PoH, or as I was suggested, forget PI and PoH?


Any advice is welcome. I did notice the HPriest that soundly outhealed me wasn't using PoM on CD and was in Serenity stance. While I think not using PoM on CD is a mistake, I did notice that a very good HPriest I know stayed in Serenity on an Alt BRFN run last night.

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From when I played Holy Priest I was consistently casting Renew if I didn't have a higher priority heal to cast. Tanks always had Renew, followed by people who were going to be hit, followed by melee, then by then I'm back on the tanks.


Using Binding heal to build Serendipity stacks is nice, but it heals for about 30,000 health less than flash heal (at my gear level and looking in the spellbook as Disc spec) So if someone has taken about 20k damage and you have about 20k damage to heal and your tanks aren't going to need an emergency flash heal, then Binding heal would be better to cast as it's 1/2 the mana cost. 


Essentially, when I was playing I would be spamming renew, when several people were hit I would CoH to heal them all. I would cast PoM nearly on CD, but would delay it if there was something more important. I usually sit in Sanctuary stance, but I will switch it to Serenity if I need to pop an instant on someone (or a tank) and enjoy the +25% crit. Otherwise I'm back to Sanctuary. The reason was that I was focused on keeping everyone topped off with renew and letting the Mistweaver Monks, Discipline Priests, and Holy Paladins focus more intently on tanks. 


I normally don't need to use PoH, but I will make sure that I have the Serendipity buff is there to not have it eat up mana. Otherwise I will prefer to Renew spam, CoH and Heal, and as needed, Flash/Binding heal for 2x Serendipity for PoH, and usually on CD hit PoM. I'm already sitting there with the auto PoM from the amazing options we have for our 100 talent, and with the set bonus of +4 leaps is nice. I am still yet to 4pc bonus to get serendipity stacks for PoM leaps. At that point, PoM will likely replace all binding/flash healing and using just Heal and PoH.



As for stats, I suggest going for haste over multistrike. The reason for it being that we can get more out of Renew, as that's our filler spell, (works wonders with a Disc priest+HPal) As, looking at the other Hpriest, his heals were mainly Renew, CoH, and Cascade (skipping Divine and Echo)


Your healing focused on PoM. CoH, and then Renew.



As for glyphs, I usually run with Deep Wells, Renew, Prayer of Mending or Fade. Fade is a nice 10% damage reduction available every 30 seconds. I skip away from Glyph of Circle or Binding, because 35% more mana for 1 more person isn't all that amazing. 


As for Talents, if you have content on farm PI will likely be better, as -Mana cost and +haste every 2 minutes is nice. ToF is handy on fights you know someone is going lower than 35% health on, as 15% increased healing is great.


The reason for not spamming PoH is because that 8 casts would cost you 73,000 mana ( healing about 170,000 per person), which is over half of your total mana, where in that 20 second window I can heal about 90k per person, on the move for about maybe 20,000 mana? I'll get more spell casts out and therefore I'll get more procs on +spirit tinket/weapon enchant. I can also pop my mindbender out as well as I wouldnt be standing still for 20 seconds chaincasting. 



Hopefully this made sense, I know I was all over the place, but if I need to clarify please let me know.

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