Arena Tracker now watch for enemy secrets

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Your enemy has played a new secret. Ok lets remember again which are the common secrets I have to test for...

The new version of Arena Tracker helps you testing for secrets. It'll show the posibilities and reduce them while you keep testing.

And still do all of the amazing stats and deck tracking you already know.

Remember Arena Tracker is made to be used ONLY in arena, not constructed.


Arena Tracker is free and open source. Made by one person(me) in his spare time.

Arena Tracker reads the Hearthstone log to keep track of your arena deck, games and rewards.

* It connects to and automatically upload them to your account.
* Watch the remaining cards of your arena deck while you play.
* Watch what is in your enemy hand. Cards sent back from the board, spare parts or the coin (among others).
* A secret has been played. Watch the remaining posibilities while you test for the secret.

**More infopuh.gif*

If you have problems installing it or using it I'm happy to help you on or on email:

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