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Shadow priest looking for gear/stat help

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Hello I am a ~690 shadow priest looking for some help on refining my stats and gearing and stuff. I have asked these questions to many people without suitable answers so I came here. My dps is fine I just want to push it to go as high as my gear will allow. 


I know the top for auspicious spirits is crit but does at some number of targets crit > intellect as your shadow orb generation will increase exponentially and outweigh the added damage? or is intellect always top.


Is mastery and clarity of power always the way to go for single target fights? Or does at some level of crit, AS and a crit build become stronger for single target?


I have been told the best in slot trinkets for AS shadow priests are the haste trinket from beast lord and the crit trinket from ore gorger but for multi target fights would using the crafted crit trinket be stronger than the haste one from beast lord? 



Thank you very much!

Sincerely, Qael

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