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[Protection] Looking for advice on Mythic Beastlord

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Just started this last night, right now we are 3 tanking with me (Prot warrior Edosel) on adds, and another prot warrior and DK tanking the boss.

We are doing Wolf, Elephant, Rylak for the beast order.

The boss is normally tanked near the add spawn point until the Rylak comes out, then I take the adds to the boss.

When the boss dismounts, I'm picking up the boss while the other two tanks continue to pass the prime beast back and forth.  At this point I'm using shield wall + Pol's trinket for the first add pack.  If the beasts are still up for the 2nd add pack, then I'm using demo shout + enraged regen.

For talents I'm using Ravager, Bladestorm, Shockwave, Safeguard, and Sudden Death.

I'm trying to use Safeguard on one of the other tanks if they get 2+ stacks of the bleed.

I tried a few pulls with anger management, but that didn't seem to be helpful.

Things seem to go OK until the Rylak comes out, and then that isn't that bad.  It really is getting brutal with Faultline, not sure what I can do there to make it easier.  I'm basically just heading out to the adds and bringing them back in.


Character profile is here:


I currently only have 2 piece, would it be worth dropping two 700 ilvl pieces to get the 4 piece? I have 685 tier shoulders but only a 670 tier chest.  (Yes, the game hates me that much)


Across 8 attempts, I wasted 2,394 rage out of 24,840, so that is one place I could do better.


Combat log is here:




Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hmm... I'm actually not seeing the problem from your point of view tbh... ohmy.png

And I'm also going to take a wild shot in the dark here and guess that Powerbomb is your Guild Master and/or Raid Leader...


Stop doing the 3 tank strat... it's highly unnecessary if you do the fight properly.

For starters you can't have 1 guy doing the pack beasts... those things need to die ASAP.

I'm actually surprised that I'm typing the following words but, your dps needs to whore more.

When those packbeasts spawn, have a DK grip them together when you can, use an AoE stun (Dragon Roar, Shockwave, Fist of Fury, That one warlock AoE stun, etc) and melt those adds like there's no tomorrow.


I don't even know why your warlock is hardly ever casting Chaos Wave on the adds...

This is the sort of stuff you only see when the GM and/or Raid Leader is playing a cleave class and wants to top the meters.


To be honest, those adds aren't even the real issue here.

The issue is your raid dying to really stupid things and none of those deaths can be blamed on the tanks.

People are dying left & right from standing in the dragon pet's flame breath (lol) and from spears (also lol?)


I'm thinking you guys have to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better strat to do this boss because something is very wrong here tongue.png


In fact, there's so much wrong with your raid that it's really difficult to give advice on the matter.

But in broad strokes I'd say, use 2 tanks and 4 healers (5 if you're really struggling) but 6 is complete overkill...

And your healers seriously need to keep their cooldowns for Tandrum...

If you need to use Revival or Tranq because your raiders are standing in shit and taking mongo avoidable damage then they need to cut that shit out or die.

Assign a healing CD for every Tantrum and you should be fine for the most part.


But believe me though, you really need to drop at least 1 tank and 2 healers.

The first 90% are the easy part on beast lord... It's the last 10% most guilds struggle with. (Because it's a serious DPS race where you start to take unouthealable damage, 6 healers or not)

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Thanks so much for the advice.  I know we are two tanking it next time we do it (me and a DK), not sure on the healers.

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I guess you can take this many healers to progress on certain parts of the fight but as I said before, the last 10% is where it get's tricky.

For as far as I know it's almost impossible to kill him with 6 healers especially when your dps has mostly heroic gear.

Our guild does this boss with 3 healers and killed him before with 2 but pretty much everyone of us is over 700ilvl so <_<.


As long as your dps doesn't take every bit of avoidable damage under the sun and people can use personals on tantrum when needed you should be fine taking only 4 healers :)

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