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Re-instated my WoW account after 4 years.

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I'm looking for a little help and information. I just re-activated my account after 4 years and looking to play my level 85 hunter. Any advice on talents/specs/stats and enchants I should be focused on. I'm specialized Beast Mastery.


Thank you in advance for response,




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Although it's more of an end-game guide, Azor's summonstone guides are the best resource there is.  For leveling, I suggest taking A Murder of Crows for the decent amount of damage it does, added into that it resets on anything it doesn't stay up for its full 15s on, meaning just about everything.


Stats don't make much of a difference while leveling, so long as it's main gear and has Agility on it.  Don't worry too much about enchants, as you'll likely be swapping gear out fairly often, especially if you don't have the heirloom gear.


I do normally advise Marksman for leveling, as you don't have the risk of your pet killing the target before you can hit it and loosing loot.  Marksman is also very well suited to killing mobs quickly, where Aimed Shot > Chimaera Shot > Kill Shot should be able to kill most anything that isn't an elite mob.  

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