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Hello, I am from Twenty Thieves. We are a group of players who decided to transfer servers in order to form our own guild. We would like to be able to progress through content in a timely manner and have fun at the same time.


We are looking to fill up our core raid group ASAP. Hopefully, this will be soon enough to get into Mythic BRF before 6.2 drops. 


Our main raid times will be Sunday and Monday starting at 7 PM Central Time. We will also have scheduled alt runs, as well as other optional events scheduled throughout the week.


We are currently recruiting DPS and Healers for core raid team spots, but anyone may apply. 


If you are interested at all feel free to add me on battletag @ bigrooster45#1881 and I can answer any questions you may have.


You can also check out our website:
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