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Mythic Blast furnace help (w/logs)

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Hey all,

Long time no post. Was hoping to get some opinions on our Mythic Blast Furnance pulls. I'm running destro as I feel I play that spec best and my single target burst is highest for Bellows and primals with decent AoE on trash.


1. Damage done to Bellows Operators: All night

2. Damage done to Primal Elementals: All night

3. (Not entirely sure this data is accurate, I welcome some coaching from anyone that knows warcraft logs well)
Damage done to friendlies from bombs:
This data includes dmg done to yourself, however if you scroll over a name, it shows dmg done to other as well.

I'm not sure my queries in WL are correct, any help on that front would be appreciated as well.


Thanks all!


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First off IMO all night data is basically useless. To much changes from pull to pull for all night data to have value.


Bellows Operator damage done is also kind of meh, since only 50% of the damage really matters. Once the Operator hits 50% HP killing them quickly no longer matters outside of tank damage taken. This makes it hard to look at a log and say "Person X is holding us back" since person X could be dumping their damage in the first 50% like they should be and then changing targets where as person Y just dumps on the Operator for the whole time witch is bad.


Damage done by bomb is also kind of meh, people are going to get hit and these numbers are made weird by priests MCing and the fact that 99% of the damage done is always to self, not to others.


However THIS SHOWS the deaths to bomb in Phase 1 and THIS SHOWS the bomb deaths in phase 2


People that die to bombs in phase 2 need to either move the hell away from bomb bags after an Eng dies, use a CD when their bomb goes off, or healers need to get off their ass and top people off/bubble them.


Deaths in P1 can be from a range of reasons, most of them personal stupidity.


I don't have time right now to dig in more, but this should help a little at least. I'll go deeper when I get some time.

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First of all, I tried Destro on our first progression night on Furnace - for about 3-4 pulls, and switched to Demo after that. On Bellows I'm mostly in top 3, on Elementalsists it looks not as good, but the massive amount of cleave helps our raid with killing the 2nd Slag Elemental right after Elementalists get immune again. It's also nice to have Corr and Doom ticking in p2 on all those Sec. Guards. We mostly bomb that guys after killing 3rd Elementalist and it takes us aboout 10-15 seconds, because everyone who is able to is multidotting them. 

I have to say we got our firstkill 3 IDs ago and since p2 doesn't fell so chaotic any more Demo feels even more superior to Destro as it was on day 1.


I know, that doesn't help you with your logs, but I think maybe trying Demo could be worth after taking my thougts into account. The massive burstpotential in first seconds after Bellows spawning is also very useful, because you only need to get them down to 50%.


About the deaths on bombs (either in p1 or p2): I can't understand how someone could be killed be that mechanic. I'm handling the bomb bags on our side all alone, mostly firing all 3 bombs as fast I can click the bag and never drop below 30% (okay, I always get beacon on me, but our healers leave p1 at 100% mana either way) so it's personal stupidity like Lockybalboa already said.

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