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So i just created this deck yesterday and it's personally really fun but i always go 50/50. I have MOST mage cards except legendaries and iceblock. Also have MOST rares and some epics. I only completed 1 part of naxx (the duplicate card for mage). I also have the 4/12 +5 spell damage. Any help would be greatly appreciated RANK 18 :/ i just want to get to around rank 10


My Current mage deck

2x arcane missles

2x flame cannon

2x frostbolt

2x unstable portal (my fav)

1x arcane intellect

1x counterspell

2x duplicate

1x mirror entity

2x kirin for mage

1x echo of medivh

2x fireball

1x polymorph

1x ogre magi

1x antique healbot

2x azure drake

1x sludge beleher

2x blizzard

2x flamestrike

1x malygos

1x pyroblast

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My first thought is to add more early-drop minions. Mana Wyrm would be a good fit with all of your spells. Mad Scientist would also be a great addition with all of your secrets. I don't remember which wing of Naxx gets you Mad Scientist, but I think it would be highly worth it for you to get him.


This is also really spell heavy, so I would take out a few. My top candidates to remove would be:

- Arcane Missiles: inconsistent due to its random nature

- Pyroblast: can be great as a finisher, but is a dead card until then. If you don't get off to a good enough start then you won't get to turn 10 anyway. I prefer to see it in a stronger control deck like a Freeze Mage.

- Blizzard: this isn't as necessary since you can play a flamestrike the next turn, which deals twice the damage

- Counterspell: good players can play around this and will generally trigger it with a weaker spell, plus it is generally a 1-for-1 card and thus won't give you card advantage (unless it is played through a Mad Scientist's deathrattle)

- Mirror Entity: much like above good players can play around it and will give you a weaker minion, meaning it is likely 1-for-1, plus you don't get the beneficial Battlecry effects.


I hope you find this helpful. Good luck!

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Wow, this is what I call a mage! Very Spell-Heavy ;-)


I agree with Darb, you should cut some "useless" spells and add a few minions to your deck.


I would definitely include the Mana Wyrm, as it synergizes well with all the spells you have. 2 Blizzards and 2 Flamestrikes seems too much for me, as Darb already said. Definitely cut one, maybbe even two of those 4 cards.


If you want to make use of all the Secrets, you could also add Etherial Arcanist. This card also prevents (to a certain extent at least) playing around Secrets, as the Opponnent needs to trigger them to keep your Arcanist from growing.


Snowchugger and Waterelemental are also nice includes, especially against the weapon classes.



Hope this helps!

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