Random HotS Moments Episode 11

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Hey guys,my new episode on my Random HotS Moments is up!Hope you like it! :D <3 

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    • By BeardedMurloc
      Hellooo fellow Murlocs.This week he have some epic/fail moments from Murloc around the world. I Hope you enjoy it,and dont forget to submit your moments on: ♥
    • By BeardedMurloc
      Greeting fellow Murlocs.Another Episode of Random HotS Moments is UP! Hope you guys like it,and also dont forget to submit your moments on: heart emoticon .
      P.S. : So HYPED for the new Heroes and changes approaching ^.^

    • By BeardedMurloc
      Hellooo fellow Murlocs.We gather here tonight to listen the stories from our fellow brave murloc friends and their adventures in the Nexus.Its the 15th time we gather around the village center and today i think we have some epic stories to hear.Hope you enjoy it guys. :D Episode 15 of Random HotS Moments is up! :D ^.^
      Also dont forget to submit your plays/moments here: :D
    • By BeardedMurloc
      Hello fellow Murlocs,new episode is here with a lot of great adventures from all of you around the World! I hope you guys like it! :D <3 
      Dont forget to send me your replays/videos from your epic/funny/wierd plays in the Nexus!
    • By BeardedMurloc
      Hello everyone,my new episode of Random HotS Moments is up!Hope you guys enjoy it,and please tell me your thoughts about it!
      Ofcourse if you have any funny,epic,wombo-combo,etc moment feel free and please send it to .
      Thank you in advance! :D <3