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Questions about rogues.

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Hello all. I just got my rogue up to 100 a week a go. and i was looking for what others thought of Assassin vs combat. after reading  and talking to those on my server it as me wondering what one is really better.  I am just able to get to BRF lfr with it. so my gear is low. but with testing both specs in there i  find it to be about the same for dps.  Combat is better with AoE fights but we all know that at this point.


I find both specs fun but with how i have seen most of the post Assassin is laging behind. but i still havent seen much about what is going to happen to them in 6.2. and i have also heard that you dont want to do combat untill you have Xamount of haste.

Im not looking to top metes but to keep up with my group. we really only do Normals and heroics.


I guess what i want to know is, what one in 6.2 will be better to focus on when it comes to boss fights? would love any help i could get. Thank you.

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Combat is still going to be the best for multiple targets, but both Assassination and Sub are probably going to be viable single target and it will come down to preference

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